Stan the tea thief

by Jay Thomson
(Leigh, Greater Manchester)

Stan enjoying his mum's cup of tea

Stan enjoying his mum’s cup of tea

Hi – I would like to tell you about my ferret Stan but firstly I’ll tell you how I came about owning Kath and Stan.

They use to be worked (rabbit hunting); sadly the couple who owned them didn’t have the time any more to work them as they have a 2 yr old who takes up their time and they advertised for some one to rehome them. So my wife & I took these lovely critters in and haven’t looked back since.

Well, back to the story. I bought Kath and Stan into the house & Stan decided to climb onto the coffee table using the tablecloth to climb up. He tipped over my wife’s cup of cold tea, stuck his head into the cup and drank the remaining tea. After he drank the wife’s remaining tea, he decided to roll himself all over the sofa.


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Jul 13, 2011 Stan & Kath
by: Anonymous

So glad you gave Kath and Stan a forever home 🙂 I reckon they both much prefer being in your home as pets than having to hunt rabbits for a living!!

And Stan sounds like a proper English ferret who loves his tea – LOL! So glad to hear the tea was cold – can you imagine if it was still hot! Ouch 😉

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