Stinky bed

by Diana

My first ferret, Saki, somehow dug a hole in the box spring of my bed. I didn’t notice it for perhaps months (she was a free range ferret) until one day I started noticing a weird smell.

I searched my room and couldn’t find anything. For some reason I decided to lift up my box spring. I heard a bunch of thing moving inside it. Saki must have stored at least a month’s worth of ferret food (hard kind as well as fresh) along with a bunch of my mom’s hair curlers. I had to remove the liner from the bottom of the box spring to keep her from doing it again.

Saki also had a habit of getting out of the house (I have no idea how she managed that I was always really careful). Every so often I’d hear the door bell and it would be the neighbor bringing her back to me. It’s weird how every time she got out she would go to the neighbor’s house.


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Sep 06, 2009 Stinky bed
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my ferret – I got a Queen sized mattress from my parents (who smoked) and there was a small hole on the side which was from a cigarette burn.

Kodo, my ferret, went and found it the first time I put the mattress in my bedroom and even when I put masking tape over the hole, he still managed to scratch his way in.

End result? Out goes my parents’ old mattress and in comes a new one I bought. No holes for Kodo to get into – phew!

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