by Jord

Hey I’m a huge ferret lover and have been pushing at my parents to let me get one for months, almost a year! No matter what concerns they have I always have an answer and a way but there are a few things I just can’t convince them of. Those would be…

They’re smelly! Stinky! (As said by my parents, the smell doesn’t bother me one bit!) They would stink up the whole house, it’s gross!

We have 3 dogs! They would just kill it! There’s no point! (Once again said by my parents)

I dont want one! (Um it’s for me duh!)

I’m fifteen and a very responsible teen (my parents agree on that!) and am having little luck in the ferret area. any ideas/advice/help? All is appreciated – thanks!

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Apr 18, 2011 hope u get one!
by: hounds and horses

If you are worried about the smell maybe you could get it decented. My cousin has had a few, got them decented and never thought that they smelled. I want a ferret but I have the same problems as you. My family is going to build a house this summer and they don’t want animals in the nice new house. so I have the same problems as you. But I think they are sooo cute and fun!

Feb 24, 2011 Stop pushing!
by: Anonymous

Actually male ferrets can be stinkies until they are neutered. Been around ferrets for a long time now and I promise you they do smell when they become of that age when.. well you know, would love to have a girlfriend LOL!

Pushing parents is never a good idea… I have seen this go wrong many times. Keeping a ferret in a basement.. not a good idea either. A ferret needs plenty of daylight (not direct sunlight) just like us. If you can not ventilate this basement properly you will smell the ferret. If you do not wash the bedding every other day… oh brother…

You can’t just feed them anything, you need to keep their litter clean everyday. They will have “accidents” and poop on the wrong places. Carpet is not advisable. There have been many cases where ferrets died because the dogs saw them as prey, rats or something like that.

Sorry but I think your parents are right and if they are not behind it 100% it won’t work. Plus if you get ill or go on vacation where will you leave the ferret?

I understand your ferret wish but if you look beyond that and count in the vet bills, work they will give you… you may want to reconsider pushing your parents into ending up paying for the vet, food, cage, etc. etc.

Feb 02, 2011 HA
by: Jord

Ha actually I do plan on keeping the ferret in my room where only one of the dogs really goes (this is because she is my dog). But in a few months I will be moving down into the basement and have plenty of space for the fuzzie to run! This has softened them up and recently I was at petco with my mom and they have ferrets there. I asked to hold one and she even held it too!!! Plus she never once noticed any smell whatsoever! Things are looking up!

Feb 02, 2011 Not so stinky!
by: Jodie

Dunno if this will work or not. Maybe “borrow” a ferret from someone, make sure its had a bath and is smelling sweet, and take it home to show your folks. Could be they fall in love with said ferret 🙂

I dunno why people think ferrets are stinky. Tell your folks they’re NOT related to skunks so how can they be stinky?

There’s nuthin better than sticking my head into a pile of sleeping ferrets and taking a big sniff. Lol!

3 dogs could be a problem especially if they gang up on the ferret. Maybe just tell your folks the ferret will be kept in your room and the dogs aren’t allowed?

Run out of ideas, sorry but good luck 🙁

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