Stove dangers – electrocution

by Barb

Two very good friends (in two different locations) had ferrets electrocuted in stoves within a two week period. One of the stoves was electric, one was gas.

It seems that quite often there are bare wires inside the control area of the stove, after all, who’s going to get inside there? The inquisitive ferret, wet nose and all, snoops those bare wires and zap…

One lady was trying frantically to pull the stove out from the wall so she could unplug it after her ferret climbed up the back into the control area when the ferret tangled with the bare wire. She though the stove was ferret-proofed.

The other ferret was one of a group that loved to snooze in the nice cozy spot under the oven. The lady cleaned out the pan drawer so they could get in. She didn’t realize that a ferret could get into the oven walls and climb into the danger area. It was a couple of weeks later that the smell alerted them to the problem.

Both ladies were devastated and swore that they would never again let the ferrets have access to the stove.


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Jan 14, 2011 Loss of Sofia
by: Anonymous

That just happens to our ferret Sofia.
I had to open the back panel of the stove to get her body. I guess she did not feel anything but it is a terrible loss for us?
Was a GE Stove ?

Dec 26, 2009 Sad story
by: Anonymous

How really sad to hear about those ferrets getting electrocuted.

Ferrets seem to get into all kinds of trouble as they are so curious – it’s almost like there’s a big magnet drawing them to trouble with a capital T!!

When ferret proofing you have to think like a ferret and make sure there are no little holes or pipes or things like that which will tempt your pet to go into.

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