Suggie goes swimming

by Donna L. Owens
(United States)

Last night I was washing clothes, the tub was filling and I went to look for more clothes.

When I returned, I was run over by a damp Teddy, looked in the tub and there was Suggie swimming in the tub. I never use hot water, so my poor baby was freezing.

Grabbed her out of the washer and fought to get her dry and warm. She was scared out of her mind and very upset about getting an ice bath. I was however rewarded with a perfect tail poof.

Dried her off the best I could made her some nice
warm soupie, and covered her with blankies. I have been forgiven for my mistake and got a sweet ferrety kiss.

My lesson is never, not even for a couple mins, leave the door up. This could have turn out really bad if I hadn’t returned as quick as I did.


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Jul 16, 2009 Suggie
by: Anonymous  

You’re right – it could have turned out bad. Good thing about not using hot water in the tub and I’m so glad it worked out the way it did 🙂

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