The Danger of Heating Vents!

by Melody
(La Crosse, WI, USA)

I have a sneaky little ferret named Fortesque who seems to be able to squeeze into/out of ANYTHING.

Well, one night I made the mistake of entrusting Fort’s bedtime routine to a couple of friends who were staying the night. I awoke, 5 hours later, to a scratching sound coming from inside one of the heating vents (my landlord is a bit lazy and apparently failed to fasten the openings to the wall).

I leapt out of bed, tore off the grate, and assumed the worst. I attempted to lure Fort out of the vent with his favorite Ferretvite treat to no avail. After a while, I couldn’t hear anything anymore and spent the next half-an-hour bawling my eyes out next to the vent, scared to death that my sweet little fuzzy had met his demise…!

After a while, I began to hear movement coming from the kitchen, and went to investigate. Sure enough, there was Fort, poking his head out of another opening. I snatched him up, safely put him in his “house” where he conked out in his hammock, and called a friend to come over and help me fasten the vents to the wall for good.

I’ve spent the whole rest of the day showering my little fuzz in attention, relieved beyond belief at his safety. He’s curled up now, as I speak, sound asleep in my lap. But after a scare like that… I am taking NO MORE chances!!!


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Mar 25, 2012 Fortesque
by: Anonymous

PHEW! So glad your little guy made it safely out of the vent! Boy! I just can not imagine what it’d be like to have one lost there :{

We all have so many hair raising stories to tell about our ferrets, don’t we? I am just very grateful to read the ones which have happy endings 😉

Big kiss on Fort’s pink nose and tell him that he must NOT to be so adventurous again – LOL!!!

So very very glad this had a happy ending 🙂

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