The escape artist

by Alicia
(Alaska,United States)

For a little over two years now I have had two precious little girl carpet sharks named Sunshine and Little Mischief.

I have little brothers and sisters that don’t know how to keep doors shut so I am only able to let my ferrets roam freely in my room. It was all going good for about two months after getting my fuzzballs but after that I would start coming home to find a missing ferret from my room. I thought it was my pesky siblings letting them out so I confronted them and my mom banned them from going anywhere near my room.

For two weeks I kept having the missing ferret problems and was finally ready to catch the culprit. I left a camera running one day to see who was letting them out only to see the they were able to just barely fit under the door!

So the moral of this story is before picking a room to put your ferrets in have a trial run to see if they are able to fit under at all. Sometimes they don’t do it right away so don’t just assume all doors are okay if they don’t go right under!!


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Nov 07, 2014 What clever ferrets you have 🙂
by: Anonymous

I can’t get over at how intelligent ferrets are – not only are they incredible little escape artists but they are also such smart little cookies!

Your poor siblings getting the blame for letting them out … did you have to eat humble pie after you found out that they weren’t to blame? LOL!!

Glad you found the reason they were getting out of your room and am even more glad that nothing bad happened to them when they did get out or that they got hurt squeezing under your door! Phew!

Thanks for sharing this with us and hugs to both your girls 😀

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