The Ferret Following

by Josh
(Fargo, ND)

This isn’t much of a story, but just what I’m learing. I got a couple of the guys a couple days ago and spent 2 days now just following them around just to see how much they can get into at my apartment. They love it under my couch! But I have a recliner couch, so when I kick up the leg rest the back gap of the couch drops to the ground… I figured that’s not safe, especially since they love to play with me by poking their head out to see if it’s time to chase me. So, I’ve thought of a way around that, I think. I’m gonna try getting some 2×12’s and boxing them together upright (in a U shape), and just sliding it snuggly up to the sides of the couch.

Another problem I have (think i have it figured out) is all my electrical wires for my computer and TV. I have them grouped together, so I was thinking about getting like chicken wire or somthing (maybe a ferret play pen stretched out, then I can use it for a dual purpose) and just surround the area off. I mean now they run through there and love ducking through all the wires and little alleyways, But I’d hate to see them after they start chewing on wires!

One more little thing so far, I had rubber stoppers that prevented my air filter from sliding off a table. I didn’t noticed that they popped off until Kid showed me that he liked pulling them off and chewing on them (they were just big enough to choke on). That filter sat up there all night and day and she didn’t start chewing on them until I was there watching her. That was awfully nice of her!


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Nov 27, 2009 the ferret following
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all your suggestions, Josh.

I just got two rescue boys and they seems to be drawn to rubber so I reckon I’ll have to check out your suggestions and see if I can prevent any accidents.

Ferrets are heavy maintenance, aren’t they. Jeez, I didn’t realize until I got them what I was getting into but they’ve stolen my heart so they’re not going anywhere else 😀

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