The Ferret that was Almost Lost Forever

by Emily

My family and I have a ferret named Claire and we had just gotten her a few months before when something that almost could have been fatal happened to us.

Well, a couple weeks ago, someone forgot to close the cage door, might have been me, and well, we didn’t know she was out of her cage until she came walking into the office. We were expecting our daughter to come in chasing her but she didn’t.

I ran to the laundry room where she stays and found that her top cage door was open. I ran to the kids and asked them if they had let her out and had forgotten about her.

Then I realized that they hadn’t and was so happy that she hadn’t decided to go somewhere in the house, maybe even downstairs, where I was cooking something on the stove, that I kissed the ferret and called her a good girl.

Before we had caught her though, all our doors were open in the house and we were so glad because she could have been lost forever!

She probably knew where her humans were, though.

This story is to remind you to make sure your ferret cage door is closed just in case your ferret decides to wander off thankfully ours didn’t and decides that he/she doesn’t want to come back.

We have learned a big lesson from this to always make sure she is safe in her cage and her cage door is secured. Hope you have learned something from this too!

But the story is not over!

Next day: Got into the shower and found a little “surprise” on the floor for me from the day before. Apparently, Claire had gone potty in my shower before she decided to come into the office.

That will also help you to remember why we keep our ferrets in their cages.

Hope you enjoyed my story!

The End!


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Mar 16, 2008 the ferret that was almost lost forever

i have a ferret and it gets out of its cage sometimes on its own, which sometimes worries me.

One time she got out and i couldn’t find her. I looked everywhere for her but i didn’t find her till I needed my shoes.

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