The laundry basket!!!

Ok, so I let my ferret (Calcifer) run around my room for a couple of hours while I was on my computer (in the same room of course) and after about 1 hour, I turned to see what he was up to but couldn’t find him!!

So of course I got on all fours and searched every inch of the room! I was at it for about 20 mins before I was starting to think the worst, then I turned my attention to my basket of warm clean laundry I just had gotten out of the dryer before I let Calcifer run around my room! And sure enough — I lifted up a shirt and there he was all cuddled up in my laundry, safe and sound!!

I was so relieved!!!


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Feb 03, 2010 silly ferrets.
by: Amanda

I have had the same proble quite a few times with my ferrets, and every time I always get worked up and upset. Just bear in mind that they are like little children, and you have to be patient.

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