the punishment box.

by Katherine Dent

Hello, my name is Katherine. I live in France and have two ferrets.

When I first got them I didn’t really know how to punish them because I know that with rabbits you cannot give them a little slap because after they just get scared of you and it’s just not worth it. So I bought a cat box and when they do something bad, they get locked it for 30 minutes.

I did that for about a week and after that Pirate, my male ferret ,learnt that if he bit me or my mother (she insisted on wearing flip flops when she was near two biting ferrets), he would have to go in the punishment box.

After two weeks he would go in alone and lie down for almost 30 minutes. But my female, if she bites, she will just hide under a bookshelf too low for me to get my arm under.

They are very cleaved to me and lovely animals.


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Jun 26, 2014 punishment box
by: JLC

I have heard in the past something like putting them in their cages to potty train, never for biting.

When I had mine & BoBo & Trouble Bubble were just kids, I would just take them by the nape of the neck & shuffle them very gently on the floor, all the time saying NO No Biting!

It took just a few times & they knew mommy wasn’t a toy. Yes they still tried when they were playing but the minute they heard my tone of NO would let up.

As for feet, well they are playing is all. Some times it better to compromise with them, when they are up & playing wear shoes. The more you handle them & interact with them, the quicker they learn to trust & mine didn’t bite.

Also try training other members of the house on handling them. If you are new to ferrets, the best thing you can do for yourself, as well as your sweet ferrets, is research their needs & temperament. They are amazing pets.

Jun 26, 2014 punishment box
by: Katherine

Hello I’m glad you like it 🙂

Now with her it is very difficult because I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried spaying her with water but she likes that and even comes for more. I’ve tried pinning her to the floor and growling like her mother would, sadly she thinks that’s just a game and runs away backwards.

So now I just wait next to the book shelf for 30 minutes so that’s her punishment box so you may be right, she might know that she needs to go there.

Jun 26, 2014 Great idea!
by: Anonymous

I agree that it’s not good to slap ferrets if they’ve been bad because, like rabbits, they would grow scared of the owner who did that.

The punishment box sounds like a great idea but what do you do with your girl, who hides under the book case? Or maybe she realises that she’s on the “naughty mat” when she goes under there! LOL! 😀

I have a very mischievous albino girl who knows she mustn’t bite me, either on my feet under the sheets, or my inner elbow when I’m either sitting or lying down. I normally put something like Vicks VaporRub or Tiger Balm on my feet to keep my girl from nipping them as despite the fact that she knows she mustn’t nip, she sometimes just can’t help herself – LOL! 😀

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