The runaway ferret

by Thomas
(Pineville, LA, USA)

I have an albino ferret I named Angel. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.

Well a month after I had her, my soon-to-be wife and I were watching a friend’s kids. After their mom came to pick them up and was on the road, I realized I couldn’t find Angel!

I was so upset I grabbed a flash light and walked the streets for a few hours, trying to find her because I thought she had gotten out the door.

I picked up the couch and shook it to see if she was in there because her bell would ring whenever she was in there. I called the friend and she had checked the car and all and no ferret.

Well I gave up and sat down on the couch to play guitar for a little while and when I hit the high notes, I heard the bell! I was happy so I started to hit higher notes and she came out of the couch. She had used the stuffing in the couch back to make a bed to sleep in and that padded the bell from ringing.

Another time I was going to go to see family in another state and I was going to have a friend watch Angel, so I left him a key to the front door. An hour after I left and arrived in the next state, he calls me up and says Angel wasn’t there! He’d looked all around the apartment and couldn’t find her.

Well I turned around and headed back to the house. I stopped at a gas station to get gas and when I opened my trunk to get my wallet out, in there war dancing and looking at me was my runaway ferret!!


Comments for The runaway ferret

Apr 07, 2008 help
by: Anonymous

ive lost my little ferret and i cant find her ive had her for nine months how can i find her

Mar 15, 2008 Cute
by: Anonymous

That is so cute!
Luv the part about the runaway ferret that got into your trunk! CUTE!

Oct 21, 2007 Funny Story
by: Anonymous

cute… especially the last bit Knjh

Sep 17, 2007 Re Angel
by: Anonymous

Hahaha -we laughed and thought it was great that you had a happy ending to Angel’s car trip 😛

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