They CAN get into the cabinets!

by Hillary

My incident happened about 3 months after getting my ferrets, Steen-Steen (don’t ask) and Baloo Bear. I’d let them run all around my apartment, “mostly” keeping an eye on them.

About 15 mins after I let them out of the cage, I noticed Baloo had white powder all over his face. I also noticed that the inside of his nose was blue. Needless to say I completely freaked out once I realized he must have gotten into Ajax (a powder bleach cleaner that turns blue when wet). I rinsed his face in water for a good 5 mins, carefully avoiding his eyes. THANKFULLY he didn’t ingest any of it (or at least enough to harm him).

Turns out, in all of maybe ten mins, he had made it downstairs and somehow into the under-sink kitchen cabinet. It was pretty much my worst nightmare come true, and I still kick myself for how it could have turned out.

The moral of the story is, don’t make my dumb mistake… you can NEVER be too careful with these guys.


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Apr 16, 2012 That’s so true, Hillary 🙂
by: Anonymous

Ferrets are such clever little things and they’ll spend time trying to figure out how to scale objects if necessary!

I am so glad Baloo didn’t ingest any of that powder to make him sick and I guess you had to put child-proof latches on your cabinets after that little episode! Very glad it had a happy ending 😀

I had a shock when one of my boys found a way to get into our vanity many years ago. I opened the top drawer to get something and found this cute little face looking back at me – gave me quite a shock – LOL!!

CJ had worked out that if the bottom drawer wasn’t fully closed, he could squeeze into it from the back and then get up to the top drawer that way!

Obviously once I saw CJ in the drawer, I had to make sure that all the medication I had there had to be moved to higher ground 😀

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