Thinking about it…

by Ben

Ferrets seem like a great animal to have!
My name is Ben and I am 12 years old but I have had a lot of experience with small rodents and not so much, an animal that needs a whole lot of attention and maintenance.

I have had about 7 hamsters and 2 rats through my life, all except one hamster which died of old age. I have had an amphibian called an axolotl for the past year and I love it so much but you can’t really get it out and hug it.

I have just moved (back after 5 years) to England from Australia so I’m kind of a loner or a ‘Larry’ which is what everyone says here.

A ferret is not an option for me for 1-2 years because, at the moment, I am living in a rental with no animals allowed and I’ve blown all my cash on my axolotl; but an upside to that is it’s a one time payment. I’ll probably get fish when my axolotl goes because it will be a bit easier.

If I finally get round to asking for pocket money, which she said she was prepared to give me £5 a week, and I save for a year I’ll get around £260 off pocket money alone. Then there is my birthday which I normally just get money from (around £200) and Christmas where I can ask for money instead of prezzies. I will then bring it up to my parents when I have saved around 400£.

Now I just needed someone’s opinion and advice. I know to make sure there are non-carpeted rooms in a house when we come round to buying one because I don’t want to be wiping wee out of the carpet. I was wondering how much space I would need to devote to a ferrit. I keep the furniture in my room to a very small scale, mainly bed, bedside cabinet and a larger cabinet, so would it be an option to keep it in my room while unsupervised? Also with cages, would I get away with a large indoor rabbit cage that the ferret can go in and out at will (or shut in if required) and maybe a box in or out with old towels in for bedding? Also I have read on someone’s comment before that you can get ferret insurance; how much would that cost, is it worth it and does it cover annual vaccinations?


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Jan 04, 2012 Good ferret owner!
by: Anonymous

Ferrets are great pets!! I’m from America, so I’m not much help with the cages and stuff. But, as mentioned earlier, you seem like you’d be a great owner. I’m a teenage girl, so my room can get pretty messy, but my ferret is sometimes in there unoccupied and he doesn’t get into anything.

A clean room with little furniture is ideal for a ferret’s living space, so yours is great. An open plastic rabbit cage in your room is perfect because ferret cages can be pricy and the extra space isn’t necessary if he gets free roam. Fill that with old blankets and tshirts, and it’s perfect.

There was a period of time in my life when i was obsessed with Axolotls, and they do really seem to be high maintenance.I only had a turtle and fish before i got my ferret (basically zero experience with a lot of work) but i think i did just fine. So if you can handle the Axolotl, you’ll be good.

My ferret lives in the basement, in a big playpen and 4 story cage covered in blankets, and I make him go to the bathroom on his papers (I use newspaper) before I take him up. I deal with very few carpet accidents, so if that’s an issue with you then hard floor’s the way to go. If he’s in the room just remember to keep the door closed, and i always recommend a collar with a bell, because that’s the easiest way to find them if they run out.

Ferrets need substantial play too, so if there’s enough space in your room for that, then that’s perfect. Good luck!!

Jan 04, 2012 Well done, Ben!
by: CJ

I must commend you for your research in getting a ferret – you certainly have done your work and I hope that, when the time comes, you’ll get one as you seem like a very responsible and caring owner 😀

I don’t live in the UK so can’t help you with questions but maybe you should contact a shelter near to where you live and ask them what it costs to vaccinate ferrets, etc. Or even call a “ferret savvy” vet nearby. Both are listed on this site.

Again, well done, Ben! I wish my kids were as thoughtful and interested in their ferrets as you seem to be 🙂

Jan 03, 2012 Whoops!
by: Ben

I have made a few mistakes… The pet that takes a lot of maintainence but I don’t have that much experience with is an Axolotl, which is kind of like a fish. All of the rodents I had died of old age except one. I spelt ferret wrong near the end. I wanted to ask about good cages that you can get in the UK. I wanted hard flooring also because the ferrets may destroy some of it near the doors. I think that’s it! 🙂

P.S. It is written on my iPad so it is hard to edit

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