this will be hard

by mollie

I have just read all your information because I am seriously thinking about getting ferret and I really do think that this will be quite an adventure…a very hard one…wish me luck =]

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Feb 07, 2009 This will be hard
by: Anonymous  

I’m sure after reading your post. That you are up to date on all the pro’s & con’s of welcoming these sweet babies into your home & life. But two are so much more fun & then you don’t have a sad lonely little one waiting for you, if you have to go to work or what ever. Mine are a joy & an heart attack at times. They are just wonderful to have around.
Enjoy JC

Feb 07, 2009 All the best!
by: Anonymous  

It’s best to get two,as ferrets need other ferrets to play with and snuggle up to.
Try your local animal rescue centre as their ferrets will have been vaccinated and neutered and this will save a lot of hassle and expense, plus they will have been handled which makes them less bitey!
Let them run around as much as possible as they are very energetic-though they do sleep a lot.
My ferrets eat raw turkey steak,ferret food and half a beaten raw egg each day and seem very happy and healthy.

Feb 06, 2009 Re: this will be hard
by: ferretzrule  

The hardest part of living with ferrets is saying so long at the end of the adventure. Their health issues can be complicated at times, but overall, it will be an adventure you won’t regret. Ferrets rule!

Feb 06, 2009 New ferret
by: Nona  

Hope you let us know how you enjoy having a ferret in the house. I reckon you’ll wonder what took you so long to get one as a pet 🙂

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