by Alissa

OMG – the story about the quilt that was my ferret Tinkabell.

I dont know if it was my sister Karlee or my mum Sharon that would have written to you – I don’t talk to either of them anymore tho but Tinkabell was my first ferret – the nicest ferret I’ve ever had – she never bit anyone.

RIP Tinkabell! I miss her so much even though I had her 6 years ago. I still miss her just as much.


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Jul 01, 2009 So sorry about Tinkabell
by: Nona

I can imagine how you must still miss your Tinkabell, Alissa.

I can’t remember who sent me the information as it was a few years ago, but I did appreciate being told about the danger so I could pass it on to other ferret owners.

I hope you find another ferret soon – not to replace Tinkabell, because you can never do that – but so that the new ferret can give you lots of love and laughter once again. They really are such special little pets.

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