toilet paper and cotton

by krissy
(des moines iowa)

I have two ferrets, Daisy and Bradey. Daisy is 5 months and Bradey is 3 months.

Daisy is very good, she doesn’t hide things, doesn’t bite hard, she is my angel. But bradey, on the other hand, loves to be a turd. He hides everything, which is fine, cuz it’s pretty easy to find in my place but he loves to chew on toilet paper and anything cotton. He starts to wheeze and cough and won’t stop.

We fill the bath tub a little bit with cold water and let him drink to wash it down but he still continues to eat this stuff… what can I do to fix this? I spray bitter tasting stuff on EVERYTHING but it does not affect him at all… is there anything you recommend to stop this behavior? Please help – these are my babies and am deeply worried about him.


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Jun 07, 2012 Bradey
by: Anonymous

Krissy … I had some kits which used to chew holes in cotton T-shirts that I put down for their bedding so hopefully Bradey will grow out of that.

Re the toilet paper – can you not erect a shelf in the bathroom and put the paper out of reach? If he can’t get to the rolls of toilet paper then he can’t eat them 😉

I guess if you’re worried about him coughing and spluttering after eating cotton, then I guess the only advice would be to keep anything cotton he likes to chew on out of his reach as well.

It might be an idea to get some cat laxative ointment and give it to him once a week or so just to make sure he poops all that stuff out. I’d be worried about it beginning to collect in his gut and eventually causing a blockage!

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