Toilet Paper Rolls

by Kaylee
(Wisconsin, United States Of America)

My baby girl Dahlia:) <3

My baby girl Dahlia:) <3

I have had my darling baby girl Dahlia for about a year now. I had got her for my 12th birthday over my summer vacation… We had also gotten my brother and my mom a ferret as well.

Anyways, we had a purple container that was an old toy bin and put moist sand in it (dry sand would stick to their nose, get in their eyes, etc) and some toys. We put a toilet paper roll in, thinking they would be able to use it without any troubles… we thought wrong.

I was home alone and I was playing with the three ferrets (MaryJane, my brother’s, Buttons, my mom’s, and Dahlia, mine.) I put them in their toy bin and went upstairs to my room.

About five minutes later I got this horrible feeling. I didn’t know what came over me. I couldn’t think of why I was feeling that way… I went downstairs to find my baby girl Dahlia trapped in the toilet paper roll! Her front feet sticking out one end and her back feet sticking out the back.

She was still a baby but couldn’t quite get through something that small. I picked her up, she was taking very shallow breaths because her ribcage couldn’t expand. I ran her to the kitchen and tried to tear it, but it wouldn’t work. Her eyes started shutting slowly. I panicked and grabbed shears (cooking scissors) and cut the roll. Some hair was cut and she had a bald spot for a little bit but it was worth it.

I hugged her and kissed her for hours after that and kept telling her sorry. When she gave me kisses when I asked for them, I knew I was forgiven 🙂 I love her so much.


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Apr 09, 2010 Toilet Paper Rolls
by: Helen  

All I can say is: Been there, done that… never again!

Those toilet paper rolls are ferret enemy
number 1, together with some other things.

I am glad the little one is OK – good thing you got
that horrible feeling huh?!

Apr 07, 2010 Dahlia
by: Anonymous  

Your baby Dahlia is a sweetheart and I can imagine how scared you must have been to see her stuck in that toilet roll. I am really glad you rescued her and she forgave you 🙂

You sound like a very responsible ferret owner and I reckon Dahlia is lucky to have you!

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