Triple Trouble

by Lori
(Anchorage, AK USA)

In January I decided that I wanted a ferret, my husband suggested that we get two so they do not get lonely while we are at work. We ended up bringing a brother and a sister home with us, we named them Oly and Annabelle.

There are no words to describe what a pain they can be; there are also no words to describe how fast they stole my heart. Within a week they had me wrapped around their little paws!

Not very long after that I had a dream that I rescued a white male ferret. I took that as a sign that I needed a white male also.

I looked at the local shelter to see that they had a white boy who had been returned to the pet store because he bit too much and the pet store had turned him over to the shelter as “Un-sellable”. I thought we could teach him that biting was not OK. I brought him home and he did bite a lot, but shortly after we discovered he was deaf, and he was mostly biting because he got startled. Now we know how to approach him and he rarely bites and when he does we give him a scruff and a snuggle and that has helped a lot. I do not think they should be flicked on the nose. Now he is our fun-loving boy Scooter!

I cannot imagine my life without my three babies. I love them more than I would have ever thought possible. They have more personality than a lot of people I know, and they will tell you what they are thinking with their expressions, and they sure love to play tricks on you! They rule every part of your life! Want to go on vacation? Good luck finding someone to ferret sit (that will do a good job)!

They are TONS of work and they can get on your very last nerve, but if you have the patience, it is worth every minute of it. My husband says everyone who wants kids should own ferrets first. If you can handle ferrets than you can handle ANYTHING!!!

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Sep 21, 2009 Ferrets
by: April LeRoy  

I too, own a Ferret. She is the most energetic Ferret I’ve seen (when she’s awake). They do have such wonderful personalities, I agree. I love there little hop they do it’s called the popcorn hop. I have two children, my son is 8 & my daughter is 4, and they both love and enjoy the Ferret.
I wish you all the best with your Ferrets.
Lots of love and play time will keep the Ferrets happy.

Sep 18, 2009 Triple Trouble
by: JC

I think you summed it all up all to well..
I have 5 sweet fuzzys & believe me,There are days that I think , I need to be put in to cage for time out… LOL

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