Tropical Weasel (Mustela africana)


aka … Amazonian weasel (Comedreja Amazónica), South American weasel.


The tropical weasel has a shiny brown coat with a creamy/yellowish colored throat and stomach and a brown stripe down its chest.

Apparently the make-up of the tropical weasel is very much like that of the stoat.

amazonian weasel


The tropical weasel measures up to 38 cm (15 inches).

Distribution & Conservation Status

This particular weasel is found in the Amazon river basin in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, and also in Colombia.

There seem to be only 50 known specimens living in scattered localities.

Due to habitat loss, it’s a rarely seen little animal and there is very little known about it. It’s on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and is listed as Data Deficient (DD), which means there is inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.


Like most other weasels, the tropical weasel feeds on rodents and other small mammals.[wp_ad_camp_2]


One of the places they make their homes is in the stumps of hollow trees.



How to say Tropical Weasel in different languages

  • Arabic: ابن عرس استوائي
  • Aragonese: mustela d’África
  • Brazilian: furào
  • Colombian: vasóabejero
  • Czech: lasice jihoamerická
  • Danish: tropisk væsel
  • Dutch: tropische wezel
  • Ecuadorian: chucuri
  • French: belette tropicale / belette des tropiques
  • German: tropischer wiesel
  • Hungarian: amazonasi menyét
  • Italian: donnola tropicale
  • Japanese: アマゾンイタチ
  • Korean: 가는 테이프
  • Lithuanian: Amazoninė žebenkštis
  • Norwegian: tropisk røyskatt
  • Polish: łasica tropikalna
  • Portuguese: doninha amazônia
  • Russian: Тропическая ласка
  • Spanish: Comedreja Amazónica
  • Taiwanese: 熱帶鼬
  • Turkish: tropikal gelincik
  • Vietnamese: Chồn châu Phi




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