by Robin
(las cruces)

She is the silliest thing ever, well, when she’s not digging in the plant pot.

We got her a tent and it came with a sleeping bag and hat. She sleeps in the sleeping bag. It’s funny.

Twila also has a hammock with baby blankets inside. She takes a nap in that.

She makes funny noises too, like “errrrr errrrr.”

Mom calls her a couch potato and I laugh – he he ha ha!

ps your web site is so cool 🙂

Hi – me again!

Twila won’t stop chewing on me (it’s a bow on me).

I love taking her outside because she loves digging in the plant pot.

Want to know how I got her? I saved up for a year! She’s a cute little ferret.

That’s all about Twila.

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Apr 16, 2009 Twalia
by: Anonymous  

Your Twalia sounds like a sweet little ferret :o)

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