by Damian

Tyler was one of our first ferrets with her sister Fearne. We adopted them together from a rescue centre. They soon settled with us and for two and a half years Tyler was a great pet.

When allowed out in the garden, Tyler liked to hunt for slugs and would stash them in the corner of the hutch. She managed to chimney climb between walls in order to get a view from the roof of her hutch and loved to dig about under the rhubarb and other plants. Given the chance, Tyler would collect screw drivers, mobile phones, squeaky toys and teddy bears in her various caches.

Tyler was a lovely and playful ferret and I really got so attached to her during the last few months when she moved into a room in our house and I regularly held and fed her.

It was so hard deciding and going through with the different treatments and was so tough to see her struggling around the house.

Now at least she is not dragging herself across the carpet looking for a comfortable place to curl up and sleep. Now she has a comfy bed at the bottom of our garden and won’t be disturbed.

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