Urolithiasis (Bladder Stones) in Ferrets


This condition occurs when stones form in the urinary tract.

Symptoms include …

Blood in the urine
Piddling in different / inappropriate locations
Difficultly in piddling or increase in frequency

Feeding your ferret cheap cat food can cause this.

© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti Kiupel (used with permission) - Ferret Health Advancement at MSU
© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti
Kiupel (used with permission) – Ferret Health Advancement at MSU

Research has shown that two of the worst kibble for this condition are Marshall Farm and Zupreem Grain Free. There seems to be a correlation between peas and bladder stones so whatever you do, please don’t buy any dry food brands which have peas or those with too high a degree of vegetable protein.

However the symptoms could also be a sign of adrenal disease in the male ferret so if you notice any of the above symptoms, take your ferret to the vet immediately.


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If you don’t have a ferret knowlegeable vet, you can download a pdf called “Urinary Tract Obstruction in Ferrets” by Sawnee Animal Clinic HERE to help him with the treatment of your ferret.


There’s a technical paper in pdf called “Mixed urolith (struvite and calcium oxalate) in a ferret (Mustela putorius furo)” by Dr Javier Del Angel-Caraza, et al, which might be of interest. You can download it HERE.



(Last updated November 2019)



DISCLAIMER: The vets listed have either been recommended, or have advised me personally that they are happy to treat ferrets, or have mentioned that they treat ferrets, exotic pets &/or pocket pets on their website. However I have no firsthand knowledge of how experienced any of the vets are with ferrets.
It is up to you to make sure that you are happy with the treatment your ferret is getting from your vet. If you have any doubts at all, please think about getting a second opinion so that you know that your pet is getting the best possible treatment available.

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