Useful 2×4’s

by Chris

My girlfriend has 3 ferrets. As we’re moving in soon together, and she doesn’t trust her family to care for them on weekends when she comes to visit me, she’s brought them to live with me ahead of schedule.

Being that I had just moved into our apartment, I thought I’d make sure of areas that the ferrets might get into. After checking I found that there was no base board in the toe area under the kitchen floor cabinets, or to block under the fridge.. or behind the fridge.. or over.. aha. So I grabbed some 2×4’s from my parents house and painted them a color friendly to the colors of my kitchen and nailed/screwed them into places. I also wedged one between the wall and the back of the fridge and made sure it was higher than they could jump.

I found these to be great ideas as ferrets get so curious they might start scratching at spots where they think there’s somewhere to go behind them, but with 2×4’s there no real harm done anyways. I can always quickly and cheaply replace such things when I move out.

So a kind of easy fix for apartment owners 🙂


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Jan 08, 2010 Thank you Chris
by: Anonymous

Your advice is great.

I am just moving into an apartment with my BF and really appreciate getting your information as I have 2 ferrets and do worry about them getting into mischief.

I have my BF looking after the place like you said and yes, it is so good to keep the apartment looking like it did when we first moved in.

I know Loki and Squiz will do everything they can to destroy the apartment – not coz they’re destructive but because they are both so curious. So yes, we will follow your instructions and make sure our babies don’t do anything they shouldn’t!

Again, thanx so much for all your advice 🙂

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