by Melissa

R.I.P. Valentine 2/13/09-3/10/13

R.I.P. Valentine 2/13/09-3/10/13

Valentine was a sweet and gentle ferret. I got Valentine the 2/13/09 as a gift to myself for my first paycheck from my new job. I had a ferret at home and felt he needed a buddy. They bonded instantly and were inseperably since the first day they met. Valentine was my snuggler. He enjoyed cuddling just as much as he enjoyed playing.

Valentine was for the most part a very healthy ferret. The only issue he had was being deaf, which didn’t stop him from doing anything. So you can imagine my suprise to wake up to the sound of him screaming. He was having a seizure.

I rushed him to the emergency vet but it was an hour drive and he was seizing the whole time. Once we got there they immediately gave him some medicine to stop the seizures and ran some tests. Once the medicine kicked in he stopped seizing but he just lay there in a trance. His tests came back positive for Insulinoma. After going over possible treatment plans and the risks due to the advanced stage of the condition, I decided with a heavy heart that I couldn’t let him go through that ever again.

He died peacefully in my husband’s and my arms at the vet’s office. I am still in shock over what happened because he never showed any signs of being sick. The only peace I have is knowing he is no longer in pain.

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