by Anita Murray Cook
(Fletcher, Okla USA)

I called my best friend the other day and she said she was ferret sitting. To my amazement she said that this particular ferret evidently wanted to live at her house.

She said the first time she saw the little fellow, she was in the bathroom and looked down because she saw something move. There to her surprise was a pink nose sticking out through a small hole. The ferret had come to visit under her house.

The next time, she went outside to find that it was running around her back yard and the third time was when her husband had left the laundry room door open and it came inside. Her dogs were none to happy about it.

She finally broke down and picked it up, then fed it a bit of dog food as she did not know exactly what ferrets eat. She was tickled to death by all of this. She knows where it lives, down the street. But for some reason it comes to visit her. We got quite a laugh out of that fact. How cute.
Anita Murray Cook


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Sep 15, 2010 The visitor
by: Anonymous

Had to laugh about your story of the visiting ferret and thought it was a seriously cute tale 🙂

Just one thing .. I hope that your friend’s dogs dont get to the ferret one day and maybe make mince meat of him. Hopefully that won’t be the case ever!

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