Warn everyone about LAUNDRY SHOOTS!

We have a three story house and my ferret room is on the top story.

I was doing homework when I realized Poppy, one of my ferrets, had gone missing. I ran around frantically until finally I saw my open laundry shoot door. The door goes from the third story to the bottom one! I realized my house cleaner must have left it open. Normally we have it closed, because a few years ago the same thing happened to my cat, although she fell from the second story to the first.

I rushed down stairs, freaking out, and saw my little Poppy (thankfully) sitting in a pile of dirty towels. Thank God there were clothes in the laundry basket!

She was injured though, we took her to the vet to get a few surgeries, but thank GOD she was fine. As for my cat, she broke her tail (there were no clothes in the basket…) so now it has a little kinked end.


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Jan 12, 2010 Thanks!
by: Anonymous

Not having a two floored house, I’d have never thought of laundry shoots. Thanks for the warning and I’ll certainly think of that if we ever go into a house with an upstairs 🙂

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