Warning to apartment owners

My ferret Kitty was fairly easy to ferret proof for. Aside from the usual couch checking and bathroom checking, she was well behaved for well over three or four months.

At that point I felt comfortable letting her get free roam of the house with few exceptions. One day I found her sniffing around the toe kicks in the kitchen. It turns out that when an older complex begins to upgrade the facilities, they do it as cheap as possible.

The cabinetry that was installed did not match the place where the toe kicks began and so there was a gap between the cabinet and the toe kicks. Generally, there isn’t anything underneath nor is there a way into the walls, but you never know.
Shoddy plumbing work or the results of other pests can lead to dissaster.

Kitty was so adamant about climbing under that when I caught her, she peed all over my hands because she wouldn’t give in. After trying a few different ways of keeping her out, I finally just used wood glue and cardboard to completely seal up the toekicks. There is also a product (in America anyway) called Great Stuff that you can use to completely seal off areas like that.

Kitty was not a chewer and I had no problems with her gnawing on it, but I suppose it could be a choking hazard for ferrets.


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Jun 28, 2010 Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I live in an apartment and appreciate your advice so that my ferret is kept safe. Thank you.

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