My ferret recently died because she got strangled in a loose thread from an old towel she slept in. She spun around so much that she basically crushed her midsection and I found her dead the next morning.

PLEASE do not make this mistake, and stick to old t-shirts rather than towels that could undo themselves and produce loose threads.


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Nov 17, 2013 To get a ferret or not
by: Anonymous

I honestly don’t know if you should get a ferret. This site is brilliant and tells it like it is so you should read it thoroughly. Also read what other people have said about what it was like when they got their first ferret

Info about the Ferret as a Pet

Ferrets are small little guys that sleep a lot but they need a lot of human interaction when they’re awake and out of their cage. This video’s great for showing the crazy side of ferrets

But understand ferrets can be very annoying. You might get one that wants to scratch its way to China through your carpet, or one that wants to wreck your couch. Not all ferrets do this but a lot do. There are ways to stop them but are you prepared to have your furniture ruined if you do get one which likes to do that.

No one should get a ferret on a whim because those people usually find the animal is too much of a handful and will dump them or take them to a shelter. Would be so lousy for the poor ferret.

Do your research, maybe go and speak to a ferret shelter so you can hold a ferret and learn as much as you can before actually getting them. You might find you love them to pieces but you might also come to the conclusion that they’re too much trouble for your lifestyle.

Nov 16, 2013 Help

I am considering getting 2 ferrets from Kijiji and would like to know if they are easy to take care of? I have a cat and 3 dogs also. My cat occasionly comes inside but my dogs stay outside. Should I get a ferret?

Sep 20, 2012 :'{
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear about that 🙁

What a terrible thing for you to go through but thank you so much for sharing that with us!

It’s awful to lose a much loved pet, especially under those terrible circumstances, but I hope that you’ll have another ferret as you sound like you’re a great “ferent”!


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