When 1 of my male ferrets his name is Hermes his nickname is monster :)

by Tracy

Well here is my own personal scary ferret story.

Well first of all, anyone who does have or is thinking about getting a ferret who also has other animals that uses a, let’s just say in my case it was a kitty cat door that has a slide cover door which at the time was always off at the time.

My husband and I had 3 others at the time their names were Ozzie, Blanca -(R.I.P 2012), RUFUS (R.I.P.- end of 2011).

Anyway, none of our other ferrets ever messed with our kitty door so we really didn’t give it a second thought until we received Hermes from the animal shelter. By the way, all of my ferrets have all been rescues from the animal shelters here in Arizona.

We had just gotten Hermes approx. 2 1/2-3 weeks prior to our horrible nightmare scare. Well it was the end of June-first part of July 2011. The day time temps were approx. 115-118 degrees during the day and the night time temps were around the high.
Hermes decided he was going to go outside on his own through the kitty door one earlier eve!

We looked all through the house, couldn’t find him anywhere; my li’l sister was here visiting from Calif. and we asked her if and where she had seen him last.

She said that she chased him away from the kitty door just a few mins prior to him coming up missing so we all grabbed flash lights and called for him, looking for him under the trees, in the bushes around our above ground swimming pool, everywhere, but we wasn’t able to find him.

We searched for him early morning hours but no Hermes! I cried so much that my eyes were starting to hurt and swell. Yes, all my babies are very special to me but there was just an extra special thing with Hermes. It was like love at first sight with him and he is like 2-2 1/2 sizes bigger then my others. That’s how he got his nickname Monster!

Well we finally went to bed. My husband got up about 5:30 am and started looking for him again but still nothing. We have coyotes and foxes where we live and there were a lot of them out that night. I just knew that he was gone for sure and that we would never see him again.

We were going on day 3 thinking he’s gone for sure by now. The night /early morning of day 3 I had trouble sleeping because it was so hot so I decided to go out and have a swim. The ladder to the pool was on one side off the pool and my towel was on the opposite side.

I was in the pool for approx. 1 hour; I got out, went round to the other side of the pool to get my towel and I was standing there, drying off. Just as I was starting to go back into the house and return to bed, I felt something down across my foot. It scared me as I thought at first it might had been a snake or something so I grabbed my flash light to see what it was……… 🙂

Yes, folks, it was Hermes!! He came around to the other side of the pool to where I was getting my towel 🙂 I grabbed him, I hugged him, I kissed him and ran into the house screaming for my husband who was in bed asleep! He jumped up, asked what was wrong and I said “I found him!” My husband said “What and who? What are you taking about?” I said “I found Hermes!”

My husband thought I was messing with him till he saw him in my arms. My husband asked me where I found him & I said he found me! I went for a swim, got out & there he was – LOL!

So folks the moral of this story is this — folks if you have a kitty or a doggie door and you have or you are thinking about getting a ferret, my best advice to everyone is always make sure that it is closed & locked because you just never know what might happen! My husband & I have learned that they are very smart, extremely curious, as well as extremely clever!

I am very happy to say that Hermes is doing very well and since that night, i am very glad to say that we still have our ferret rescue out of our home. we are now up to a total of 5 — we have 2 girls (their names are Bandit & Moon Beam) & our 3 boys (their names are Hermes (a.k.a Monster), Ozzie – he’s the oldest of them all, then we have our newest baby. As well as also being our youngest of our little family ferret gang and his name is Gizmo) and let me tell you folks, he doesn’t disappoint at all! He has so much personality and he’s so funny. He loves to chew on our TV remote controls as well as our cell phone, as well as other misc. items LOL. we have only had Gizmo for almost a month now.

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos – actually I do, I just don’t know how to get them into this post 🙂 Well good night to all — enjoy your babies and spoil them rotten always. 🙂


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Oct 08, 2012 Great advice, thanx
by: Anonymous

I was just talking to a friend who told me about her ferret that escaped thru a pet door then read your article.

My friend got Smoke back by getting the squeaky out so, God forbid Hermes goes out again, you might want to try that?

I’ll make sure all my friends know about the dangers and keep those pet doors firmly shut 🙂

Glad you found Hermes safe and sound and I bet he was very glad to come home to his wonderful parents and be spoiled 😀

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