When my weasel almost got killed in the freezer

by Bruce
(Como, Western Australia)

A long time ago, we had an upside down fridge (fridge top door, freezer bottom). We owned 4 ferrets.

One day we had had some friends over for lunch and so my wife was distracted when she was fishing around in the freezer (which was at the bottom) to get stuff out for the meal.

One of our boys was a very affectionate little guy and our friends always wanted to pet him and thank goodness they asked if they could, because when I went looking for him, I couldn’t find him.

My wife and I hunted through our ferret-proofed house, wondering where on earth he could have got to and it was then that my wife said, “Oh God – surely not!”

She ran to the fridge and opened the freezer and yes, he was in there. Very cold, very frightened and very, very glad to see us.

Anyhow, he recovered, but boy! we never made THAT mistake again!

If you care about your fuzzies, and you have an upside down fridge freezer – TAKE NOTE – they can be LETHAL if you don’t pay 110% attention when you are digging around at the bottom.&


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Aug 23, 2007 Brilliant article, and good warning too!
by: Shaun

I had EXACTLY the same issue about 6 months ago.

You just gotta be careful!.

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