Window screens

by Jenny
(Fort Myers, FL )

It was actually on Thanksgiving when my first little monster Annabella, disappeared.

The weather outside was cool so we had the windows in the bedroom cracked. There were screens in the windows and were rather high away from anything. I didn’t even think she could reach the window what-so-ever. But sure enough I left the room with her running about in there. Came back a few minutes later to check on her and she was nowhere to be found.

I freaked! I searched everywhere. I went to close the windows and realized there was a hole literally the size of a dime in the screen. I figured she climbed the curtain and squeezed through.

I searched the yard, alerted all the neighbors. I was a wreck for three days! Her brother Dewey was just as stressed without her.

Three days later our dog found her in his bed on our front porch. She had three snake bites on her and looked so sick.
She hadn’t eaten in three days and was obviously attacked. Thank God it wasn’t poisonous! I thought we were gonna lose her. Again! But she pulled through and went on for another healthy happy five years with me and Dewey.


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Oct 09, 2009 Window screens
by: kyle You know, I lost my ferret almost the same way only she climbed up a wooden board I’d put in the patio door then scratched the flywire to make a small hole and went missing for a week.

I’m glad to say I got her back (she was in a garage about 2 streets away) and she was fine when we collected her.

It’s good that you got your ferret back too and I’m glad she recovered from being bitten.

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