you getting or do you own a ferret?

i had a ferret, her name was Minnie – she was my 7th birthday presesnt.

She died two years ago at the age of 5. Needless to say I was distraught. She was by far the best pet ever but I guess my parents weren’t expecting the two weeks of water works that followed.

I was never an extrovert and the death of her was surprisingly painful.

Two years on, though, I’ve come to the point where I’m ready for another but my mum and dad are too afraid it will hurt me too much for me to lose another.

Does no one else have this problem?

There are no articles on convincing them you’re ready to go again any where.

Anyway – to all of you who are getting or own one count yourselves as lucky! I would go to the moon and back to be in your shoes right now, but be prepared – if you do get attatched to pets – it does hurt more than any person would think.

Her antics were great fun and her pot plant excavation skills were phenomenal! Ferrets are awesome and never take their company for granted. When I was reaserching ferrets back when I was getting her, it would have been a little piece of information gold if someone had warned me about that.

If that made sense to you … heed my words! Their death will hurt, if not then thanks for reading this far and give your fuzzie/s a hug for me.e

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Sep 10, 2009 sorry to hear
by: Em

hey, my name is Em and I’m really sorry to hear about your little ferret.

I have only had my ferret for over a year now and I have nearly lost mine a number of times. Once she ran away but she came back the next day all dirty and muddy.

Just make sure you’re getting the new ferret cos you want another and not trying to replace the one that had past.

I hope your parents get you another one cos they are the most loveable pets around and they do give me and so many other people so much joy so good luck!

Regards Em

Sep 04, 2009 Life is short
by: Bernice

I know as a parent I don’t want my children to be hurt or to experience those intense painful feelings involved with losing something we love.

But as parents we shouldn’t forget that death is also a part of life and something that we all have to go through even as painful as it is.

As one gets older we mature and learn how to handle the death of a loved one or beloved pet. It doesn’t necessarily become easier but we cope better.

Time helps and heals, now that you feel it is time again for another furry friend, hopefully your parents will realize it too.

Good luck and God bless.

Sep 04, 2009 Agreed
by: BEdgren

I understand your parents concern about how you’ll react to another death. But you’re also older, and will be even older yet when the time comes, I’d agreed totally with the last comment.

And I laughed hard about the ‘pot plant excavation skills’…that is so true. They can empty those things in seconds flat!!

I wish you the best in convincing your parents you’re ready!

Say hi to your new buddy for me when you get one.

Sep 03, 2009 It’s a part of life…
by: BarrettsPat Garrett

As we grow up and learn, it is a part of life. There will always be death to deal with or accidents, but it makes us wiser and stronger. Good luck getting a new buddie!!!!!

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