About Queen Victoria’s ferrets

by Denise

Apparently it wasn’t Queen Victoria who kept ferrets but Queen Elizabeth. This too however after research was also an assumption.

There is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth with what appears to be a small ferret on her arm. However it turns out it is actually an ermine which was just to represent royalty.

People must have just started to make assumptions and began to believe that she gave them as gifts.


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Oct 29, 2013 Queen Elizabeth I & ferrets
by: Anonymous

Yes, I too can’t find any information about Victoria and ferrets but maybe you’re right about Elizabeth and her ermine.

Did you read about her Court Miniaturist, Nicholas Hilliard?

Ferrets in the Middle Ages

He seems to have enjoyed using a ferret’s tooth on pearls and it was he who painted her with the ermine. Maybe he was the ferret lover/owner? LOL!

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