Australian Ferret Shelters


In Australia, the ferret societies in the various states are what we would call “shelters” as well, since they take care of found ferrets and ferrets which have been handed in and are looking for new homes.

I would always recommend people who are thinking of getting a ferret for the first time to call the ferret society in their state and speak to someone there.

I would also urge ferret owners who already have a “busy-ness” to think about expanding their families by adding one of these ferrets too.

Ferrets should have good homes in loving families … I hope these little guys get that so that they have the happy life they deserve!



Ferret Society of Canberra



NSW Ferret Welfare Society



Queensland Ferret Welfare Society
Please note that you are NOT allowed to keep ferrets in Queensland. Cane toads and crocs are okay, but not ferrets. Go figure!



SA Ferret Association



Ferret Enthusiasts of Tasmania



Victorian Ferret Society

Geelong Ferret Club

Geelong Ferrets (Facebook)



WA Ferret & Ferreting Society


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2 thoughts on “Australian Ferret Shelters”

  1. Just wondering if there is a ferret club in Launceston to join. We have just adopted 2 8wk old babies??

  2. Oh Donna, how wonderful!! You’re about to embark on a marvellous journey with your two babies! Eeeek! So jealous as it’s been about 7 years since I’ve had a kit in the family 😀
    If you look on this page, you’ll see there’s an entry for the “Ferret Enthusiasts of Tasmania”. Several years ago this was a club but I honestly don’t know if it’s still a club or if it’s just a ferret shelter these days 🙁
    Do give them a call and hopefully you’ll find that they are still a club!
    If you’re on Facebook, you might want to join Van Deman Ferrets as they do post if they find a ferret or if you’ve lost one … it’s always good to know that if one of your babies goes walkabout, you can quickly post a “HELP” comment so that there’s more chance of your ferret being returned to you asap!

    Hope that’s been of some help – please give your babies a big cuddle from their new buddies across the Nullarbor 🙂

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