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  1. hi
    i am in Mumbai India , I am looking 2 ferret as pet Please suggest me any breeder in India or thailand


  2. Hey i have been wanting a ferret for a month and asked many people to ship to me since no one in Qatar could ( where I live) I came to the conclusion of sending this message in hopes of some help.

  3. Hi Ahmad
    A friend (who is also a ferret lover) told me that she went to the Dubai Pet Market (Sharjah Market?) on her way home to Australia and there she saw a pair of ferrets for sale.
    Are you aware of the Pet Market there? Do you have any friends who live in Dubai and who might be able to help you find out more?
    The thing is that you also need to have a vet who has some knowledge of ferrets as they do seem to get a lot of different cancers and would need someone who could sterilise/operate on them and/or supply the owner with the appropriate medicines to help in case of sickness. Are there such vets in Qatar, do you know?
    Many years ago I was contacted by Nadia, a girl who lived in Kuwait, to say she had a ferret but wanted to know what type of ferret it was. Well, it wasn’t a ferret but a Marbled Polecat ?


    She sent me a few photos of her with Emo, which you can see on the above page if you scroll down to The Marbled Polecat as a Pet
    You might be able to contact breeders in Europe or in the States to ask if they can ship a ferret to you but I would imagine it would work out terribly expensive and perhaps it would be difficult to organise in this present climate.
    However if you do want to go down that path, you will find breeders listed in the American Ferret Association’s website …



    Ahmad – I heard that the Mina Port in Abu Dhabi had ferrets – if that’s of any help ?‍♀️

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