Ferret lost in the Vents!!!!

by Caitlin Irwin
(Vale, NC)

It was the first ferret i have ever owned, never read up on them. I was allowing her to run around the house and about 30 mins went by and i hadn’t seen or heard her. I instantly jumped up and started looking for her. I couldn’d find her anywhere, until…I was leaning behind the tv looking for her and heard a noise in the vent.

I started to check all vents to see if that could possibly be her but didn’t find anywhere she could have got in. I kept hearing a tearing noise so I knew it had to be her trying to find a way out. I went to the crawl space and she was at the door waiting for me. She had somehow got in the vent, tore through our duct work and got under the house.


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May 17, 2013 lol
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh that is so much like my sister’s ferret Moxie – she was so curious.We forgot to cover the vent up – LOL

Jan 20, 2011 vents
by: Kaycee

That must have been very scary when you could not find her. I know when my ferret hides in the couch and I don’t know that, it scares me a lot. Then he pokes his head out and we see him!

Jan 07, 2011 VENTS

by: Susan

Now you know what they mean when they say .. never say never with a ferret!

Never say they can’t get in there or they cannot climb that. They can.

Glad you got her back!

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  1. I’m not part of this group, but we just barely went through this and may have some advice. My ferret Celia went into an open vent and had an adventure all through the ducts in the house, apparently all our ducts go horizontal with drops as the house level changes, so our ferret ended up a full level lower than she began. We could hear her scuttling through the vents, and by banging on the wall and calling her name, we were able to locate exactly where she was. Thankfully for us, the place where she was had drops from the second floor, so she was trapped in one area, so she couldn’t wander through the house anymore and therefore made it easier for us to do a rescue mission. We tried baiting the vents with some stinky ferret food, guiding her to certain vents, we put lights at the entrance to every vent, but nothing worked until my mom got an idea. We own a ferret thru-way that extends 15 feet, but acts like a slinky and shortens to about 18 inches. We tried just shoving it into the vent, but there wasn’t enough weight to drop all the down to floor level, so we used wire to attach a can of food to the end, threw it down and sure enough it clunked to the bottom. Not long after that, she discovered the ladder we created for her, and after a day and a half, Celia had escaped from the labyrinth. It was such a relief to see her little dirty face! Another thing we did – turn off the air conditioning/furnace to prevent your ferret from getting stuck in the fan/ getting burned by the furnace.

  2. OMG Rebekah! What a story ?
    I am so glad Celia managed to find her way out of that predicament and I hope she never scares you like that again!
    Hugs to your little adventuress from her new friends down under ?

  3. Hi please someone help me !my ferrett found a way to het past my attempts to block my vents ! My female used them as a way out of my room and around the house ! Well my boy got in while i was asleep and i cant hear him anywhere !!! its been two hours I’ve been rattling his bag of food i vents and cant hear movement

  4. How about calling the fire brigade to come and help? Or get a squeaky toy and squeak it a lot. I know my guys used to hate the noise and always came to me when I did that, especially if they managed to get outside!

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