Ferret Poop


Ferret owners must be the most “anally aware” pet owners on this planet!

Although you shouldn’t get completely paranoid about what your ferret’s poop looks like, it is always good to be aware of what colour, shape and texture it generally is.

Depending on what you feed your ferret, normal poop is usually brown and of a fairly firm consistency – it looks a bit like a squirt of toothpaste!

If you give your ferret a cheap supermarket-bought cat food like Whiskas, you’ll notice that when your ferret poops, it comes out a red color because of the dyes and artificial colors used. If your ferret’s poop looks a bit colorful, perhaps you should think of changing its diet.

However if you notice any of the following, it will mean a trip to the vet with your ferret.


Thin, stringy poop

Could be because of a blockage or hairballs.


Greenish poop

Could be caused by a number of things, including ECE, proliferative colitis and lymphoma 🙁

If it’s ECE, it will look and smell like fish glue and include projectile vomiting.

I know when Snoopy had that olive pit in her gut, her poop was a darkish green as well as being stringy. When I took Snoops to the vet (not my regular ferret-knowledgeable one) and showed him a sample of her poop, he misdiagnosed it as a gastric problem so we wasted a couple of vital days of treatment.

Runny yellow / gold diarrhea

The cause could be ECE.


Dark, gassy, sticky poop

If the poop looks almost ‘bubbly’ (from the gases) and very, very dark and sticky then there’s a good chance it’s caused by eosinophilic enteritis. This disease has very vague symptoms and can be misdiagnosed initially as a blockage problem.

Our boy Milo had it last year so you can read more details here.


Black & tarry poop

Could be caused by one of the following:

  • gastric ulcers
  • ADV
  • helicobacter mustelae gastritis
  • proliferative colitis
  • aspirin toxicity
  • ibuprofen toxicity
  • naproxen toxicity


Grainy poop

The “grains” are usually undigested fat and starch complexes. If your ferret has grainy poop, you might think about stopping the dry food and putting it on a diet which is bland and easily digestible.


Bloody poop

If you see any sign of blood in your ferret’s poop, take it to your vet quick smart!


Straining or no poop

Could be because of a blockage or proliferative colitis.


More information about Ferret Poop can be found on the following sites …

Ferrets with Black, Tarry Feces due to Presence of Blood — Melena in Ferrets (PetMD)

The Complete Scoop On Ferret Poop by Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP



All three photos are © Ferret Harmony. A wonderful collection of photos to show the different types of poop and what the cause could be!


You can download a pdf by Dr Bruce Williams with information about ferret poop, which also has the poop photos by Ferret Harmony on it, HERE.




(Last updated November 2019)



DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is not meant to replace seeing a veterinarian if you think your ferret is ill. It’s only meant to supply general information on a particular illness which was obtained either from personal experience with my sick ferrets, or from books and/or the Internet.

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  1. Hello, I have a boy ferret milo and he is having some runny poop issues. It first started a few months ago around november or december. It first started or light when I took him to the vet which the did a fecal test and found nothing so paracites were ruled out. But they dont have much ferrets at all just mostly dogs and cats at the vet. So they gave me an antibiotic with stool hardener which temporally solveed the problem.But then it came back quickly and ive tryed a few things with trying to clean the area well then have been giving them proboiotics for the last week which has seemed to give minimal help. So also in the past two weeks I started to wing him into new food from the 1 in 8 from petco to Evo kibble which I have read that it is alot better for them and could possibly solve the issue. But as of now before winging them on to the new food his poop has gotten worse to a full liquid and then a little firm but still runny(brown/green). And as of the last two weeks it will yoyo between the two. Now he seems to be feeling like his normal self but I just dislike his stools being inconsistent. Now his cage mate tiki doesnt seem to have much issues. But as of now I hope the newer food could help him get normal again but I just wanted to contact you and see if you have any suggestions becuase the vet says the next step will be an 150$ test for a blood panel which is hard after getting laid off a few weeks ago. So if you could help me in any way to possibility resolve this issue effectivly, it would be deeply appreciated. Thank you have a good day.

  2. Hi Sean

    There was a comment made by a ferret owner a few years ago about the wonders of canned pumpkin …


    I’d suggest trying it out on Milo to see if it’d work but, as you know, ferrets go downhill really quickly so don’t wait too long.

    I had a shock just before this Easter when my boy Dash suddenly got ill. He had really skinny poop that was greenish and I was convinced he had a blockage, as all signs seemed to point to that.

    Took him to a ferret vet and after a lot of tests, x-rays and an ultrasound, I was told he had inoperable lymphoma 🙁 And there I was thinking it was a “simple” blockage 😛

    Hopefully there’s nothing sinister about Milo’s condition but as I said, please don’t wait too long before getting him checked out by a (ferret) vet if possible.

    Have you looked at my ferret vet pages to see if there might be one near you?

    Please let me know if the pumpkin helps Milo! Fingers crossed it does 🙂



  3. Thank you for your quick response in the link it talks about the pumkin but it says laxitive at the end does that mean the pumkin( and should I mix it with something)? Also it talks about tummy smoothener but speaks of no ingredents, do you know of what there speaking of?

  4. Hi Sean

    The lady who wrote the post said …

    Doses for laxative: 1-2 TBS every four hours until signs of matter appear in stool. Stop when ferret no longer evacuates foreign matter.

    Tummy soother: 1 TBS 1-2 times daily, until symptoms disappear. (can mix in a duk soup or other treat if you want).

    I would give Milo 1-2 tablespoons every 4 hours until you see an improvement but please, again I say, do not leave it too long because if Milo’s diarrhea is caused by an illness, he could go downhill quickly. Is his poop still runny?

    Make sure you don’t get pumpkin pie filling in a can – it has to be PURE pumpkin and from what I’ve read, Libbys is the best brand for pure pumpkin.

    This article might be helpful …


  5. Hi Nona, My 2 year old ferret simon has been sick for about 10 days. He had X-rays and bloodwork and was diagnosed with a heliobacter infection based mostly on his symptoms (anorexia, teeth grinding, and tarry stools) since the X-rays and bloodwork showed nothing abnormal. Simon has been on antibiotics and Pepcid for 1 week and although I am seeing major improvements in his poop he is lethargic and prefers to sleep. I was hoping to see some improvement in his behavior. He is getting ‘carnivore care’ hand fed to him but I was reading about the pumpkin and wondered if that might help this situation. I am concerned that his attitude is not improving and he is still refusing to eat on his own despite being on the medications for a week. My vet doesn’t seem to have any insight as to why he is still lethargic and not wanting to eat. Whitney

  6. Hi Whitney
    When I read the symptoms Simon had, it sounded like he was suffering from gastric ulcers


    The treatment Simon got seems like what it should be for ulcers, however did the vet give him anything to heal the ulcer/s? Maybe it still hurts and that’s why he’s lethargic and not himself?
    This is what is suggested by a vet …
    “A complete blood count or CBC may show a regenerative anemia (an anemia in which the body shows signs of attempting to replace the blood loss) resulting from blood loss and microcytosis (small red blood cells). Radiographs show variable amounts of gas with segmental ileus (lack of intestinal contractions).”
    “Treatment consists of concurrent use of Metronidazole and amoxicillin to control the bacteria population in the gut. Sucralfate and a histamine (H2) blocker such as ranitidine or famotidine may also be used to decrease production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and to aid in the repair of the gastric ulcers.”
    If Simon is still on antibiotics, it’d be good to get some probiotics to help the good bacteria in his gut. If you live in the States, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a suitable one for ferrets. One such supplement is Nupro Ferret Formula, which has Lactobacillus acidophilus in its ingredients so that might be better than plain probiotics.
    I’ve also heard good results about Rebound Liquid Diet. That might be a more gentle diet for Simon if he’s suffering from an ulcer.


    I hope some of my suggestions will help Simon to improve. There’s nothing more worrying than having a sick furbaby and I feel for you.
    Hugs to your little man from his new buddies down under.

    PS – Whitney … I just saw this article about a ferret with an ulcer caused by renal failure! It might be worth printing this out for your vet to see if that is what’s wrong with Simon. I hope to goodness that it’s not, as it seems to be fatal 🙁


  7. Hi Nona my seven year old ferret Samy has been sick for a month.She loss weight and hair and when she wake up she Scratches a lot. She is so skinny 1.90 pounds .The last week I went to the vet and she told me that she needed blood test because she thinks that it will be adrenal glands. The test was 0.73 and the range máximum is 0.80.Samy has 0.73 .She told me that is the start but in 6 month it will be worse .Every day I have to give her melatonin .The problem is that Samy does not eat except only few things. I love her and I really appreciate her. Could you give any advice for Samy?Sincerily

  8. Oh Margarita, I am so sorry to hear about Samy 🙁 It’s horrible when our ferrets get sick and I wish I could wave a magic wand and make her better 🙁
    You can read about melatonin treatment for ferrets on this page, so that you have a better idea of what to expect …


    Can I assume you live in the States? If you do, vets can now give ferrets with adrenal disease a suprelorin implant which helps to stabilize the symptoms. It’s either that or seeing a ferret vet to remove the tumor from her adrenal gland. The only difficulty is if the tumor is on her right adrenal, which is next to the vena cava, but if not then the operation is usually very successful.
    Here is a list of vets who supply the suprelorin implant ….


    I don’t know how much it’ll cost in the States – it cost me A$100 to get an implant for my boy Angus and the implant lasts for one year. It certainly helped Angus with his symptoms and it was just rotten luck that he died of Acute Renal Failure just when he was to get his 2nd implant 🙁 I was really worried that the implant might have caused Angus’ renal problem but my vet said she didn’t think there was a link.
    Then my 2nd ferret developed adrenal symptoms so I booked her in to get her implant but the one the vet got for me was used by another vet and then she heard they were out of stock so poor old Mojo never got hers. At the moment she’s bald but doing well. I give her a lot of supplements in her smoothie and when I saw her lymph nodes were swollen, I found a great tincture which helped to fix that.
    It might be good for you to read my page on adrenal disease, as there are a number of good articles by vets there to help you …


    You might want to think of giving Samy a daily smoothie too to build up her strength and to get her immune system strengthened. Astaxanthin is excellent for the immune system and there are other supplements which I give my guys to help keep them in as good health as I can.
    I’ve put the recipe of my daily smoothie down on this page …


    When I got the tincture for Mojo, she hated it so I put the required dose on a little dish then added a little bit of raw egg yolk on top to hide the tincture. She was very happy to have it like that so maybe you could try that with the melatonin if Samy’s happy to lick the yolk.
    I hope that you’ll be able to tempt Samy to have a smoothie and get her weight back up so that she’ll be with you for as long as possible!
    Big hugs for Samy from her new friends down under 🙂
    Best wishes

  9. Thank you so much Nona! I live in the United states in St Augustine, Florida. I will talk to her vet tomorrow about the implants. Thank you for your great advice and I will try out the smoothie tomorrow. I will make sure to update you with the progress Samy has made in the future. God bless you!

  10. Oh Margarita, you’re more than welcome! I just hope that some of the information will help Samy to live a longer and happier life! And great that you live in Florida as there are a lot of ferret vets there so if you feel you might need a more experienced vet, then please check out the Florida vets page …


    Yes, I hope you will let me know how Samy’s getting on.
    I am sending her lots of get-well vibes from across the seas and hugs to you too. You’re truly a wonderful ferret mom to care so much about her 😀
    Very best wishes

  11. Hi Nona I am from Cuba and I crossed the sea in 1995 to start a new life.I so happy that found such a kind the person like you that gave advice for Samy. I have one ferret and 3 turtles. God blessed you Nona.

  12. Cuba! How wonderful, Margarita! I must say that I find it fascinating to see photos of Havana and the countryside – it looks beautiful but I guess living there is a different story 🙁 Do you miss your country?
    I was born and brought up in Hong Kong but when my father retired, they came down to Australia and I joined them a year later as life was getting too expensive in HK. My husband and I have lived here for 40 years now and have our kids and grandchildren around us so life is wonderful! 😀

  13. Hi Nona I have not talked to you sooner to tell you about Samy’s condition because I went to see another vet and his name is doctor rossi. Since Samy is older and much more delicate the vet thinks that she cannot withstand the operation to get her spleen removed and rather let Samy stay as is. The vet decided to give her a lupron vaccine instead. Samy’s spleen has swelled up a lot. She doesn’t eat a lot anymore but, she eats her multivitamins and I feed her duck soup everyday. Also, the vet gave her pills of melatonin that she takes daily. Her stomach is very swollen and I am so sad about her condition.

  14. Oh Margarita, I am so sorry to hear that 🙁
    Has the Lupron injection done anything to help her condition, that you know of?
    Tell me, are Samy’s lymph gland swollen? I just ask because my Mojo has a very swollen belly too, but the vet said it was because of her liver. Because she’s totally bald, I could see how swollen her glands were as well – around her neck, shoulders, under her arms. I went online to see what herbs were good for “shrinking” swollen glands and found a tincture called Mr Morse’s Lymph Nodes V Tincture and I was really amazed at how good it made her look. A lot of the swelling was reduced and she’s been pretty perky since being on the tincture!
    When I looked for the US website to give you the URL, I saw that Dr Morse also makes a tincture for adrenal glands so I must see if we can get it in Australia!


    Here are some sites with herbal information for helping the spleen …




    Mojo isn’t on any medication so I honestly don’t know if you can give Samy a tincture but it might be an idea to discuss this with your vet to see what they think?
    I honestly believe that giving supplements to our babies help them if they’re unwell and if not, the supplements protect them from getting sick!
    I hope you’ll be able to give Samy something to make her feel better!
    Big hugs for your little girl 🙂
    All the best

  15. My Ferret Max is having diarrhea that is white foamy and runny and he drags his butt on the carpet and his butt looks red. He wasn’t eating or drinking so I put him in a warm bath and that made him drink water because he always drinks his bath water and I think it helped sooth his bum. I also put triple antibiotic ointment on his bum and today it isn’t quite as red but he is still dragging his butt. He did start eating and drinking again today but Im worried what might be wrong.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I *think* your Max might have a prolapsed rectum.
    Take a look at my page on the subject to see if it is the problem. Certainly the symptoms you describe make me think it is that …


    There’s also a photo of a kit with a prolapsed rectum so you can compare that with Max’s bottom.
    If he still has diarrhea then please take him to the vet to be checked out in case it’s due to proliferative colitis. If you haven’t got a ferret vet, please check out my Vets page to see if there’s someone close to where you live. I’ve recently updated all those pages so hopefully you will find someone.
    Hope that’s been of some help!
    Hugs to Max from his new friends down under 🙂

  17. Hi my fuzz ball has liquidy poops I’m pretty sure. When she poops it makes a loud squelching noise which I don’t think is normal. She never seems dehydrated, but she does seem to like sleep. I don’t know if I should be worried or not. It looks normal its just extra watery.

  18. Izzy, can you point to when your little girl started t!o get her watery poop? Did you change her diet or give her something different to eat?
    If it is food related, perhaps go back to her old diet and see how things go.
    However don’t leave it too long as if it’s caused by a bug or something then the sooner you get her to a vet to be checked out, the better it’d be for your girl.
    If you need the name of a ferret vet, please check out my vets’ page – hopefully you’ll find a good vet close to where you live!
    Hugs to your little lady from her new friends down under and I hope she gets better soon!

  19. Hi! I’m not sure if anyone can get back to me on this but I’m having an emergency with my little girl. She is about 1 1/2 years old and is very lethargic and is defecating black stool. It seems like she is also having issues using the restroom as she will frequently having accidents on herself. She hardly goes in the litter pan and now refuses to eat or drink. She doesn’t whimper when she uses the restroom or anything. Recently she worried us before because she was wheezing and the vet said it sounded like she had something in her nose causing her to sneeze like pepper does to a human nose. She no longer sneezes now but is now defecating irregulary. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared for my baby. I tried giving her liquid pumpkin (suggested by our regular pet store where we bought her at.) My friend said it could be possible kidney failure but I’m unsure.

  20. Oh Jayy, your poor little girl. She certainly sounds sick and I think you have to take her to a ferret vet to see what he can do for her 🙁
    When you said that your friend thought it could be kidney failure, I thought she might have a problem called cystic kidneys.
    Check out the symptoms and see if they resemble what you see in your little girl …


    You said she’s not drinking ATM and if a ferret has kidney problems, then they drink an awful lot – well, at least my Angus did when he was diagnosed with ARF 🙁
    However if most of the symptoms do match, then you can at least tell the vet that’s what you think is the problem and then just keep all fingers and toes crossed that it’s only one kidney which is affected 🙁
    Try to make sure she doesn’t get terribly dehydrated as that could cause more problems …


    If it’s not cystic kidneys then the only other disease which produces dark poop is proliferative colitis but you didn’t mention anything about her making noises when pooping. If the cystic kidney symptoms don’t match, then please see if she has any of the symptoms for proliferative colitis.
    I am so sorry that I can’t give you a definite answer but I hope whatever is wrong with your baby will be fixed and that she’ll be back to her old self ASAP!
    Hugs to your girl and many healing vibes from me and my gang down under.

  21. I also wanted to add she just recently got her shots (distemper and rabies) not sure if that affects anything. While looking around on the internet I saw that vaccine infection can occur. And I gave her some pumpkin and now her feces is more yellowish and less brown. Still having the lethargy, lack of interest in eating/drinking and she is hardly defecating like she is constipated. :/

  22. Jayy, I don’t know for sure but from what I’ve read the vaccinations seem to affect ferrets soon after they’ve been inoculated – I don’t think it should affect them for a long period of time but, as I said, I’m not a vet so only know what I’ve read and researched 🙁
    Also we are lucky in that we don’t seem to have any problems with the distemper shots here in Oz and – very fortunately – we don’t have a rabies problem here so there is no need to inoculate our ferrets against that!
    Re her yellowish poop – what goes into ferrets seems to come out the same colour so I *think* the poop is coming out the colour of pumpkin. I don’t think that should be a concern but I could be wrong of course 🙁
    Do you have a good vet nearby? If you need to find one, please check out my Ferret Vets page in your state.
    I really think you need to take her asap to find out what is wrong.
    Hopefully it’ll be something which the vet will be able to fix easily DesiSmileys.com

  23. Jayy
    I had another thought. Can you get hold of Hill’s A/D Formula? This is what I can buy in Oz but the link is to a Canadian site…


    If you can get hold of it, get it and try and feed your girl with it. If you find she won’t eat it like it is, you can add boiled water to make it mushy and once it’s cooled down, see if she’ll lick it up. It’s full of goodness and will help to give her the nutrients she needs. Another good thing is Carnivore Care – we can’t get it in Oz so I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard lots of good reports about it helping sick ferrets …


    Please get some plain Pedialyte for children and add it to water to make sure your girl doesn’t get dehydrated. If she refuses to drink, get a small syringe and syringe the liquid into her mouth but MAKE SURE you point the syringe across her mouth, and that you squirt into the side of her cheek and NOT down her throat. Putting the syringe straight into her mouth could mean that the fluid could enter her lungs and make her very sick 🙁
    Another thing you could give her is a smoothie – use NO LACTOSE milk with an egg yolk and if you can get your hands on ferret vitamins, put a small amount into the milk and then mix it all up together well. My guys love their smoothie but I know some friends who say their ferrets aren’t keen so maybe your girl won’t like it.
    Hope that gives you some ideas on how to improve your little one’s condition!

  24. Hello, my ferrets poop isnt on the chart, its dark brown and very wet but keeps shape. Kibble fed with the odd chicken breast

  25. Hi James
    Your ferret’s poop sounds pretty normal – is it the fact that it’s very wet which worries you?
    My guys get turkey mince at night, kibble 24/7, and they too have a similar type of poop to what you described.
    If your ferret’s eating, drinking and acting normally I honestly don’t think there’s a problem but if you’re concerned, please take your baby, together with a poop sample, to your vet!

  26. Please make changes to the ibs / ibd picture. Ibs is irritable bowel syndrome a functioning gut disorder. iBD is either crowns or UC and is a disease of the bowel. Huge huge difference to mistaken for!!! Ty.

  27. Hi Amy
    That chart showing the different kinds of ferret poop isn’t mine. I had permission to use it, that’s all, so am afraid I cannot make any changes to it.
    But thanks for the heads up 😀

  28. Ludine, if your ferret has a blockage then you MUST take it to the vet.
    IF they swallowed something which is stuck in its gut then it’ll need an operation to fix the problem!
    However read this article as it explains how pure pumpkin helped to push a fur blockage out of this ferret’s stomach …


    You can try pure pumpkin on your ferret but make sure you make an appointment with the vet in case the pumpkin doesn’t work.
    Hope that’s of some help!

  29. Hello my little guy Rocky had found him self a almond somehow the day before yesterday.He was lethargic and weak took him in to the vet /he has had a laxative and seems to have pooped out the nut in two sections. I have bought him some Duk soup and he did not hesitate in chowing down not wanting to drink much water but I make the soup extra runny so at least he doesn’t dehydrate. This was the day before yesterday his poopy is what seems normal now as far as what the images on the net show long smooth brownish like a tootsie roll. He was pretty slim in the matter of hours when he was dealing with the foreign object ( almond pieces). Should I withhold food from him even if its the only way I can make sure he keeps hydrated? How long after he passes the foreign object should it take for him to be back to his spunky self he was alert this morning and wanting out of the cage to roam and his tummy is nice and full can I be causing harm by making sure he is eating?

  30. Hi Brendalicia
    So happy to hear that Rocky got rid of his almond!
    It sounds like he’s on the road to recovery so I would think it’d be a good idea to feed him and then just keep an eye on his poop to make sure there’s nothing still stuck in his gut to bother him!
    I think it sounds like Rocky has bounced back and is back to normal! That really was so lucky that he passed the almond himself otherwise it would have meant an operation. Scary thought 😮
    You could get some organic coconut oil and get him to lick a little bit off your finger every day for about a week just to make sure he passes everything easily.
    Another thing you might want to consider is getting some electrolytes to add to his water so that he’ll keep hydrated by having that.
    Apart from those two suggestions, I think you did a wonderful job in looking after your little guy!
    Hugs to Rocky from his new buddies down under 😀

  31. Hi nona i have a question.. my 2 month old doesn’t seem to be growing and has yellowish kinda runny poops.. what can i do to help him?

  32. Hi Hallie
    Has your boy’s poop just become runny and yellowish or has it been like that for some time?
    It *could* be that the food you’re giving him has caused his poop to look strange, or his poop might look like that because he’s got a bug or an illness!
    Here’s a list of ferret food so you can check to see if the brand you’re serving up is good for him or not …


    However, I would strongly suggest that you take him to a ferret vet to be checked over.
    Re his size – again I would suggest you have him checked out by a vet to make sure he’s healthy.
    I’ve had several boys over the course of 24 years and not all of them have been big and boofy. I’ve had a couple of boy who were long and lean and one who was quite a little shrimp. Their size depends on their genes 🙂
    Do you have a ferret vet that you can take him to? If not, please check out my Vets Page – hopefully you’ll find someone nearby and once the vet has looked him over and hopefully given him a clean bill of health, then it will take a lot of worry off your shoulders!


    I hope that has been of some help to you and I am sorry that I couldn’t give you any definite answers.
    Hugs to your little guy from his new friends down under 😀

  33. Hi from the UK.Found your site after looking for info about one of my little girls poo’s.After reading,I am of the opinion that it is due to a diet change(adding raw to kibble based).My girls,Freyja and Frigg thank you for your service to ferret kind.Keep up the good work.Love to all furballs,and their human slaves/pete..X

  34. So glad you found my site useful, Tony, and thank you very much for your kind words about it ❤️
    I hope your girls stay very healthy and well for many years to come 😀
    Big hugs to Freyja and Frigg from their new friends down under! \

  35. Hi
    my ferret male ferret has the runs it only started today and he only had raw meat and hes poohs are so bad.
    can it be because hes drink alot off water because off the summer . but i need some help . because it only started today and im not sure what to think . hes on dry food because off it .

  36. Hi Louise
    I’m sorry but I can’t imagine why your ferret suddenly has diarrhea! Are you sure he didn’t manage to eat something else around your house?
    There could be a medical problem which is causing his upset tummy so I would urge you to take him to your vet to be checked over.
    If you don’t have a ferret vet, then please take a look at my Vets page – hopefully you’ll find a good one nearby.


    Please don’t wait to take him as if his diarrhea is really bad, he might need medication to stop it and get him back to normal.
    Of course, being the weekend, you might have to wait to see a vet so read this article and it might help him if you get a can of pure pumpkin to give him to try and settle his stomach.


    I would also suggest getting some electrolytes to put in his water to help.
    However still take him to the vet as it might be something serious which is troubling him and causing his poop to be bad!
    I hope you can stop his diarrhea and I also hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him!
    Hugs to your little guy from his new friends down under 🙂

  37. Hello there : ) just seeing if you have any insight as to what is going on with my furt, Bean is going on a little past 4 years, always playful except for the last week and a half, no longer playing, walking a foot then laying down, I did take him to the animal doc, who took his temperature, listened to his heart, palpated his tummy, felt his lymph nodes, all of this and nothing : ( The Dr. Said that my little boy could be a bit overweight, I have been taking Bean outside on a leash and he seems to perk up and do a good bit of walking without laying down. Water and food consumption are okay as are bowel movements and peeing. I thought you might be able to help



  38. Oh Janette, I honestly can’t imagine why your Bean is not so active all of a sudden ?
    If you trust your vet, then I guess you have to believe that there’s nothing awful causing him to be lethargic. Perhaps it’s just a virus that is going around?!
    I do know of a ferret which had a bad virus and had to be put on antibiotics for 10 days to get him back to normal, but that was in the UK.
    I would keep an eye on Bean and if he seems to not get better then perhaps you should take him to another vet for a 2nd opinion? I do have a list of ferret vets in BC if you need to find one!
    Hugs to Bean from his new friends down under – I hope he improves quickly!! ?

  39. Hello, I have a little girl who will be 1 Dec.24. She got out of her cage this morn and I noticed that her poop looked ok until the end which was green and looked like she had eaten some carpet. I gave her something for her tummy and some ferret lax, but she has been chewing and licking her back end. Any suggestions? Thank you. Theresa

  40. Hi Theresa
    You did the right thing by giving your girl ferret lax but keep an eye on her poop and make sure it doesn’t come out thin and greenish in colour. If you see that, take her to your vet ASAP!
    I’m not sure why she’s licking her bottom – perhaps she has a bit of carpet which is still in her and it’s troubling her? ?
    If worried, please take her to your vet!
    Can you get your hands on pure pureed pumpkin in a can? I would recommend you give your girl the dose mentioned in this comment, as it seems to work wonders if there is something blocking a ferret’s gut!


    I hope all goes well and nothing is stuck inside your little one!
    However, all I can suggest is that – if worried – please take her to your vet for a check up!
    Hugs to your little girl from her new friends down under ?

  41. Hello, on October the 5th, 2019 I bought a ferret who is six months old. I am starting to switch hi. To a raw diet. When I bought him his stomach was bloated , the vet of the store told me he had gas, his poops where like the kibble type like the first picture, when I switched him to raw it started to look mocousy, is it because if the food, must I change something or wait for him to get used to it.
    I would really appreciate the help!

  42. Hi Lilly
    I’m sorry to hear about your boy’s poop and think it would be a good idea to take him to a ferret vet to be checked out. Hopefully the store’s vet knew what he was talking about when he said your little guy’s bloated stomach was due to gas but it would be good to have it confirmed.
    Has his bloated stomach come down now that he’s on raw?
    I haven’t got my guys on a 100% raw diet but the nights when they do have fresh chicken as a treat, their poop is quite sloppy.
    The description of the poop from boneless raw meat does say that the ferret will have loose/wet poop of varying colours and consistencies, so perhaps that’s what’s happening with your man?
    Perhaps it’d be a good idea to give him probiotics to help settle his stomach? I personally haven’t tried this but have heard good reports about it from other ferret owners …


    Another ferret owner wrote about the “wonders of canned pure pumpkin”. Again, I haven’t tried this on any of my guys as I can’t seem to find the cans of pure pumpkin in any of the stores down under but have a read of what the lady said and perhaps it’d be worth your while to try it to see if it’ll help?


    As I said, if you’re worried, please just take him to a (ferret) vet to be examined.
    Hugs to your little man from his new friends down under!
    Good luck!! ?

  43. Hello, my 11 month old ferret two weeks ago had a day where he was acting lethargic and just wanting to sleep and didn’t really go poop at all. Took him to the vet the next morning and they said he was healthy and fine (he was starting to perk up) but now for the last couple days hes been hacking (almost sounding like a hairball) and his nose is a little runny and you can hear him breathe. Acting pretty lethargic and not wanting to play, but will walk around and claw at his cage to come out. I saw him try to go poop and get into the stance but he couldn’t go. He tried a couple times and finally got it out but made a little noise when he did. I’m not sure if it hurt him or not. It was a very very very tiny poop. I don’t want to go to the vet only because I just went and they ran a fecal and said he was fine. I just don’t want to go and have them tell me he’s fine again you know??

  44. Oh Grace – I hope your little guy doesn’t have a blockage which is causing the problem ?
    Please read up my page about blockages – I hope he doesn’t have one because ferrets go downhill very quickly and need an operation to remove the blockage.


    Read this article by a ferret owner about how pure pumpkin helped her ferrets and I’d suggest you should give pumpkin to your little man and fingers crossed it will help push out any furballs that might be in his gut.


    I hope and pray that it’s nothing serious! Why is it that our animals wait until there are holidays to get sick ?‍♀️
    Please keep an eye on your guy and if he doesn’t look like he’s improving after the pumpkin, rush him to a (ferret) vet asap!!
    Hope you have as merry a Christmas as you can and please give your ferret a hug from his new buddies down under ❤
    Wishing you all the best

  45. Recently I’ve noticed my ferret Penelope is losing some of her fur around her shoulders and a spot behind her ear. She’s only 2 yrs old, still very active. Should I worry?

  46. Hi Kelly
    It’s hard to say if Penelope’s hair loss is due to seasonal alopecia or is a sign of adrenal problems ?‍♀️
    It would be best for you to take her to a ferret vet to be checked over and then if it’s just seasonal, you’ll stop worrying, but if it’s due to adrenal problems, then you’ve caught it early and can go forward with your vet’s advice!
    Hugs to Penelope from her new friends down under ❤

  47. Good evening, our 1ish year old boy has not pooped in the last 24 hrs. Tries but nothing comes out. Any laxatives that we can give ferrets?

  48. Hi Christopher
    I hope he hasn’t got a blockage! I’d suggest the best thing to do is to take him to a ferret vet to be checked over. If they x-ray him, they might find something blocking his gut, which is the reason he can’t poop.
    If you don’t want to do that, this article which was posted by a reader years ago might help …


    Hope that the pure pumpkin helps to clean out his gut!

  49. My ferret has recently lost her appetite she eats, but not as much as she used to. I did change her dry cat food to wet cat food cause she didnt seem to want the dry anymore but she still doesn’t finish the whole bowl like she used to. She hasn’t become lethargic she’s still very playful. But her stool is minimal and comes out black. I’m really worried. Do you think I should keep an eye on her or take her to the vet asap?

  50. Hi Ariel
    I think it would be safest to take her to your vet to be checked over. I don’t know if her poop has changed because you put her on wet food (please be aware that wet food can cause a ferret’s teeth to rot so you must check her teeth regularly and if they go brown, then take her to get her teeth cleaned otherwise it could be detrimental to her health), however the black poop might be because of something going on inside!
    Hopefully it’s nothing serious but at least you’ll feel better knowing she’s been checked over by the vet!
    Big hugs to your little lady from her new boy buddies down under ?
    Good luck! ❤

  51. Hello, my senior ferret is pooping clay looking poop. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this before and what could it potentially be. What treatment should I do.

  52. Hi Quin
    I googled the question and got this :

    In rare cases, feces may be a deep gray rather than brown. If we know that worn-out red blood cells are a large source of the brown color of feces, a severely anemic animal would have pale feces. In rare cases, obstruction of the bile ducts in ferrets may result in grayish feces, as bile is also high in biliverdin. However, we rarely see biliary obstruction in ferrets (it is much more common in dogs), so this cause largely remains a distant ruleout in the mind of most good ferret vets.

    I would suggest you take your senior to the vet to see if he has an obstruction of the bile ducts, as it seems that is what causes “clay looking poop”!
    Hope your old guy is okay and is with you for many more years!
    Hugs to your gang from their new buddies down under!

  53. Hi there! I hope this is the right place to comment but I’ve had my little ferret since February and she’s just over a year now but today she was doing her business and I noticed it was partly normal but also Mucousy (if that’s a word) and I’m kind of concerned something could be wrong with her but I’m also a paranoid ferret owner. She hasn’t really had an issue like this before which is why it was alarming. She eats and drinks normally, I did take her to the pet store today and let her walk around so maybe she inhaled something wrong? I also found out she snores at night now, it almost sounds like a whimper but I googled the sound and it sounds just like snoring. I have a photo but I didn’t want to post it unless needed

  54. Hi Heather
    Has your little girl’s poop improved or is it still a bit mucousy?
    Ferrets have a very short intestinal track and what goes into their mouths usually comes out making the poop look strange. Do you remember if she might have eaten anything different beforehand?
    I hope her poop looks normal now but if you’re worried, you should take her to the vet — with a sample of her poop — to be checked out!
    It’s so adorable when ferrets snore, don’t you think? I love that sound ?? And especially if they sleep with a bit of their tongue poking out! Squeeeeeee!! ?
    Anyway, as I said, I hope she’s pooping normally now but do take her to the vet if you’re still concerned!
    Hugs to your little girl from her new fuzz-buddies down under ?

  55. Hi So my ferret is a boy and he is around 2 years old and he has just recently been more tired and not as playful. I have been keeping an eye on him just in case and this morning I noticed that he is having a hard time pooping. He keeping trying to poop but nothing is working. I am trying to find a vet that will treat ferrets just to get him check too.

  56. Hi Isabelle
    I very much hope that your boy doesn’t have a blockage as ferrets can go downhill very quickly if that’s the case! ?
    Please make sure he’s getting enough liquid inside of him – can you get some electrolytes to put into his water to keep him hydrated?
    Hopefully you’ll find a vet quickly so that he can be checked over and fixed up ❤ Have you checked my ferret vets page to see if there is a clinic near to where you live?
    I hope everything goes well and your boy gets back to pooping properly in no time!!
    All the best

  57. I have an about 9 week old ferret. She seems small from where I hold her under her front paws up to her head. Her tummy is big. Has been since I got her. She is on instinct/wysong and fdr. Her poops are a light brown yellow color and usually a mush. She just piles it in a corner. Wish I could upload a photo or send. I had her vet checked for parasites a couple weeks ago when I got her. But she has a clean Bill of health. Any suggestions or advise? She behaves normal, lots of energy, plays eats etc.

  58. Hi DianaII wonder if the kibble is causing the mushy poop and swollen belly. You said that the vet gave her a clean bill of health – I assume you told him/her about the quality of her poop? Is that why she was checked for parasites? ?‍♀️
    If you can get this brand, then I’d suggest you change over and see how your little girl goes with the new food!


    It’s expensive but because it’s so full of goodness, my guys don’t need to eat as much to feel full so it lasts for quite a while, unlike the cheaper brands. Their poop is well formed and doesn’t smell and it keeps them healthy!
    Might also be an idea to get a probiotic to give her too. I wouldn’t get the Marshall’s probiotic but these might be good …



    Unfortunately we can’t get those supplements down under so cannot vouch for them but I hope they will help settle her stomach woes.
    Hugs to your little one from her new fuzzy buddies down under ❤

  59. Hi just stumble across your page ever since my ferret mistletoe had a blockage surgery on Saturday. It’s now Wednesday. She keeps having seedy poop. She is a horribly picky eater. She won’t even take treats. Only Marshall ferret food and wet Marshall food. Also uncle jim duk soup mix.
    I’m not sure what else to try for food to help the seedy poop. Also she seems to have weak/painful back legs… Could this be due to surgery? Also and I swear this is last question, she’s is trembling alot since surgery, could this be due to pain, or seedy poop? Please you thoughts on this would be great!


  60. Hi Samantha
    It’s hard to get a ferret to change its diet but, to be honest, Marshall’s isn’t the best food to give to a ferret.
    As she is still “in recovery” from her operation, can you get this food to give her …


    I personally haven’t tried it as we can’t get it down under but I’ve heard from some ferret owners in the northern hemisphere who have said it helped their ferret to recover after their operations.
    I’m not sure why Mistletoe would have weak/painful legs after the operation. I think she just might be feeling a bit battered and bruised as it was a pretty big operation so hopefully if she’ll eat the carnivore care, then it will help to get her back to normal. If she still has weak legs afterwards then you had better see the vet and ask them what the problem could be!
    I think that the trembling is also due to the operation but again, if you are worried, please take her back to the vet to be checked.
    Did the vet give Mistletoe antibiotics to take after her operation?
    It would also be a good idea to give Mistletoe a daily probiotic and an antioxident, like astaxanthin. My guys get astaxanthin (the liquid of one pill squirted into their smoothie jug – together with other supplements. One of my boys lost the use of his hind legs all of a sudden due to a bad back, so I’ve put a few supplements in there to help Misha).
    Here is the pdf about astaxanthin – scroll down to «A Wonderful Reward for “Man’s Best Friend”» and see what it can do for your pet.


    If you think it will help Mistletoe to make her stronger, the best brand of astaxanthin is BioAstin and 4mg is fine. I don’t know where you get your supplements from but I used the Australian site of iHerb.com as they can provide me with a lot of supplements I can’t find in our health stores in the city.
    And as far as probiotics go, I’ve been told that this is the best one for ferrets but since it’s a product we can’t get in Oz, I haven’t tried it on my guys.


    I hope this has been some help to you and I really hope you find what’s troubling Mistletoe and get her fixed up asap!
    Please give your little girl a big but gentle hug from her new fuzzy buddies down under ❤

  61. Thank you so much for your feedback. I will be trying these things. I thought my email would tell me you replied but it did not or I missed it. I have since favorited this site ?. I will give you an update on her soon.

    Can you also tell me why Marshall isn’t best? I’ve just always thought it was… I guess I’m just swayed by the common name. Like some people think Purina is good dog food but it isn’t it has tons of by-product in it which dogs can be allergic to etc.

  62. Hi Samantha
    Take a look at this food chart (the top one) – it’s pretty comprehensive and if you search for Marshall food, you’ll find them down at the bottom (in the 90s & 100s)!


    I give my guys Ziwi Peak chicken – it’s expensive but because it’s full of chicken, the ferrets don’t need to eat much to feel full ?
    Oh, I forgot to mention that if you get Astaxanthin for Mistletoe, don’t get shocked at the colour of her poop afterwards. The astaxanthin gets pooped out and because it’s red, it looks like the poop has blood in it!!
    I will look forward to hearing your update ❤

  63. Hi Nona, my sweet boy, sora, ate part of a keyboard cover. I’m watching him now and I gave him pumpkin puree an hour and a half ago, and ferret lax an hour before that. He has since pooped out one of the pieces of keyboard cover he ate. How often should he be pooping after the pumpkin puree and ferret lax? Here are the times.
    5:30pm- gave half tsp of ferret lax-

    6:30pm- he ate 1tbsp of pumpkin puree

    7:30pm -he pooped and passed part of the cover.

    There are still 2 or 3 pieces missing from the cover, that I’m assuming he ate.

    Another one of my boys(Donut) was found chewing on it when I found sora. He was given the same things at the same time. He pooped almost very soon after the ferret lax and nothing turned up. He also was not into the pumpkin puree, even after adding a bit of ferretone, and warming it in microwave, but he did eat some of it.

  64. Hi Caitlin
    I’m sorry but I have no knowledge about how long Sora should poop after having the pumpkin puree as I haven’t been able to find that product here in Western Australia ?
    Thinking about a ferret’s intestine, food goes in and comes out in about 3 hours. If Sora hasn’t pooped more out then perhaps he didn’t eat all 2/3 pieces.
    I would suggest you keep giving him the puree and lax for another day and see if those keyboard bits come out but if they don’t, perhaps you should have a search to see if they were stashed instead of ingested?! I honestly don’t know how long is good for a ferret to be fed the puree and lax.
    Please keep an eye on the shape of the poop and if it looks strange in any way, then you must take him to the vet! Think of skinny poop or green coloured poop. ?
    Make sure he doesn’t get dehydrated and please keep making sure he’s eating and pooping normally.
    I hope Sora poops out whatever he swallowed and you’ll be able to feel less tense at the end of the operation!! ?
    Apologies for not being able to give you any definite answers but I do hope it all ends soon with good results!
    Sadly I’m down to just one ferret now but he wanted me to let you know that he sends big hugs to all of your fuzzies ❤

  65. Hello so my daughter’s ferret Hunter has been layn down on the floor not playn for a long amount of time lik he Normally does he sometimes shakes lik he is cold n den today he pooped this bloody n little yellow color in this thick mucusy poop

  66. Hi Heather
    I’m afraid I have no idea what could be wrong with your daughter’s ferret so you must take it to the vet – with a sample of its poop so the vet can get it analysed.
    It could be something easily fixed, like worms or parasites, or it might be due to something more serious. Please don’t wait too long to take it to the vet as ferrets can go downhill very quickly and I know you wouldn’t want to lose the poor little thing ?
    Hopefully you’ll be able to find a vet near to you …


    Good luck!

  67. My ferret has been pooping every 30 minutes is that normal she is five months btw and she is a marshal ferret on Marshall kibble

  68. Hi Bella
    I can only assume that your ferret is eating a lot of kibble and that’s why she’s pooping so often ?‍♀️
    Actually Marshall’s ferret food is very low down on the food chart that someone produced a while ago. Take a look …


    It would be so much better if you could feed her a kibble from the top of the chart and I’m sure you’ll find that she’ll eat less often as the kibble is good and filling, and she won’t poop as much either! Win win ?

  69. Hello my ferret is three years old and was just rushed to the vet for lathargic and not eating. His poop has been very small, i kibble feed but have been trying to switch to raw diet. His sickness happened overnight, he’s not vomiting nor having diarrhea.

  70. Hi Machenzie
    How is your ferret now? Did the vet say anything about what was the problem?
    I think you need to get your ferret fit and healthy before you try to get him to eat raw. Ferrets can be incredibly stubborn and although we all know raw is best for them, some ferrets will not touch raw! I know, as I had a few like that so I just bought good kibble like Ziwi Peak for them.
    Are you in the States or somewhere in the northern hemisphere? If you are, I would recommend you getting your litte boy …


    We can’t get it down under but I’ve heard only great reports about how it helps sick ferrets to regain their appetite.
    I would also recommend you put him on a daily smoothie which contains …
    * 200ml (roughly) of NO LACTOSE milk (please don’t buy Whiskas Pet Milk as that has malt in it and can cause insulinoma over time!)
    * 1 egg yolk
    * 1 capsule Hawaiian Astaxanthin (prick the capsule on an upside down tack and squeeze the liquid into the jar)
    Mix with an electric beater and serve at room temperature.
    Oh – and don’t panic if his poop is red the next day as it’s just caused by the astaxanthin in his system, not blood!!! ?
    I get my supplements from the Aussie branch of iHerb.com – they have fair prices and great customer service.
    That will also help to protect his immune system and keep him healthy as he gets older.
    Hugs to your little fellow from his new buddy down under ❤

  71. Hello there my name is Brianna I currently have 4 ferrets Luna, Pluto, Nova, and Sonny. I listed them oldest to youngest and also in the order I got them. I recently introduced Nova and Sonny, Nova about 2 weeks ago and Sonny 1 week ago. The day before bringing Nova into our home Luna and Pluto went to get their Rabies vaccine. My fiancé and I immediately noticed Luna and Pluto’s energy and appetite decreased. They stopped eating and pooping but continued to drink water. After the 3rd day of this we decided to take them to an exotic vet for an emergency visit. At the vet they gave them a subcutaneous injection of liquids that contained vitamin B12 in it to help get them hydrated and perk them up. They also prescribed them with Sulcrafate, Amoxicillin, and metronidazole. The next day both Luna and Pluto seemed to be better and were both eating. My fiancé and I decided to hold off on the medicines that they prescribed (worst decision ever! We were stupid for that). As the week went on we noticed that they were eating and drinking but sleeping most of the day and not playing at all. We were concerned but just thought that introducing Nova into the mix might take some getting used to. At this point we introduced Sonny, about 5 days into him being with us Pluto developed diarrhea and did not eat or drink for a whole day! We decided to start the medicine that was prescribed to him and Luna. His bowel movements were greenish in color. So we went back to the vet for another emergency visit. The vet said he was pretty dehydrated and gave him fluids again. Advised us to keep giving him the medication and also gave us a probiotic and carnivore care nutrition supplement just in case he was still not wanting to eat or drink. The vet said that pluto had ferret coronavirus and possibly got it from Sonny since he was most recently introduced. It’s been 4 days since Pluto and Luna have been on the medication. Luna is pretty much the same as Pluto just that she did not develop the diarrhea. But she is still not eating or drinking a lot and does not play much at all. They are to be on this medical treatment for 2 weeks. I know it’s pretty early in the process of all this but they are still sleeping a lot and not playing or eating much. Both their bowel movements are looking much much better but I’m still concerned about how long it should take before I start seeing my babies get back to their usual level of happiness… any advice??

  72. Hi Brianna
    Just to say I’ve had a crazy few days here so haven’t been able to sit down and work out what advice – if any – I can give you!
    Will try to concentrate on your comment tomorrow so please do not think I am ignoring your post!!
    Talk again soon! ❤

  73. Hi Brianna
    The only thing I could think of regarding your babies is to build up their immune systems!
    They all must be pretty tired out after having to deal with whatever knocked them out but good that you are keeping them hydrated and – although we can’t get Carnivore Care here in Oz – I’ve heard a lot of good reports from US ferret owners who’ve used the product to help their babies get their appetite and weight back to normal.
    I give mine a daily smoothie which consists of …
    * 250ml (roughly) of NO LACTOSE milk (please don’t buy Whiskas Pet Milk as that has malt in it and can cause insulinoma over time!)
    * 1 egg yolk
    * 1 capsule Hawaiian Astaxanthin (prick the capsule on an upside down tack and squeeze the liquid into the jar)
    Mix with an electric beater and serve at room temperature.
    If you decide to get the Astaxanthin, please don’t panic when you see their reddish colored poop the next day! It’s not blood but from the supplement ?
    My past guys used to love their smoothie and the minute they heard the electric beater going, they’d run into the kitchen and gather by my feet, waiting almost impatiently for their treat! I hope your awesome foursome will love the smoothie as well but I have heard back from some ferret owners who said their guys wouldn’t touch the smoothie ?‍♀️
    You can read about how Astaxanthin helps pets (scroll down to Chapter 11 entitled “Love your Pet? Give it Natural Astaxanthin”) …


    I hope that the supplement will perk your babies up if you give it to them but apart from that, I’m sorry – I don’t know what else to suggest! ?‍♀️
    Bigs hugs to your guys from my little man down under ❤

  74. So far Pluto has been doing awesome and so have the two new ferrets. However my oldest Luna is just not bouncing back! She is refusing to eat from her old bowl. My fiancé and I thought maybe she is still having a hard time adjusting sharing her things with the new ferrets so we went out and bought them each their own bowl. Worked awesome the first day and now she’s right back to not wanting to eat. We even isolated her from the others to eat on her own and nothing. We can sometimes get her to eat from our hands but that only works sometimes. It’s like she loses her appetite and only really has one good meal a day. All she wants to do is sleep all day and not play. She purposely isolates herself from the others as well. I haven’t been able to get her to play with me in weeks as well 🙁 I’m confused if this is just her way of adjusting to the new ones or if this is some underlying health condition.

  75. Well that is really good news about your younger ferrets, Brianna! So glad to know that they’re back to normal but sad that Luna hasn’t bounced back ?
    I was thinking that perhaps the diarrhea knocked her around a bit so went googling to find out what was a good probiotic for ferrets. I found someone on the old Holistic Ferret Forum who was very impressed at how Bene-Bac had helped her ferret improve after a bad bout of diarrhea so perhaps you could try that on Luna and see if it helps to pick her up? ?‍♀️


    Another probiotic that had good reviews was ProVital’s Healthy Ferret Life …


    If you decide to give her one or the other and she doesn’t improve, then I would definitely suggest you take her to a ferret vet to be checked over!
    Fingers crossed the probiotic works and Luna goes back to being her usual gorgeous self ❤
    Good luck!

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