Ferret Quotations


ferret shakespeare

“If a ferret bites you it is nearly always your own fault.” ~ Phil Drabble

“To go rabbit hunting with a dead ferret.” ~ Proverb

“There is no need of a ferret to catch a harlot.” ~ English Proverb

“The earth trembles under the foot of Jesus Christ. The ferret has been put into the warren.” ~ Paul Claudel

“A ferret is God’s way of telling you NOTHING is childproof.” ~ Unknown

Virginia Woolf once described Noel Coward as “clever as a bag of ferrets and trivial as a perch of canaries”.




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5 thoughts on “Ferret Quotations”

  1. Thanks for that, Jacob!
    Our cats loved our ferrets, and one of them thought he was a ferret when he was a kitten! He’d run through the tubes with his slinky friends but then when he got too big to get through the tubes, he’d just sit at one end and bop the ferrets on their heads when they popped out! LOL! 😀

  2. “A ferret is God’s way of telling you NOTHING is childproof.”….HAH!! Childproof is easy, ferret-proof is damn near impossible

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