Ferret Vets in Kansas

(Ferret Vets in Kansas – I’m always happy to add sites which have been recommended by other ferret owners so if you have a good ferret vet who is not listed here, please let me know and I’ll put the details on this page … I reckon it’s great to have a list of vets we know are good so that if our ferrets ever get sick, we’ll feel comfortable in the knowledge that our pets will get the best treatment possible from a vet who knows what he’s doing!)



El Paso Animal Clinic   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information


El Dorado

Bluestem Animal Clinic *Select services only. Call us for more information

El Dorado Animal Clinic



Emporia Veterinary Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information


Garden City

Garden City Veterinary Clinic



Hutchinson Small Animal Hospital  (Jonathan S Austin, DVM)


Kansas City

Kansas City Veterinary Care  (Corey A Entriken, DVM)

Piper Heritage Veterinary Clinic  (Corbin Hodges, DVM)



Pioneer Animal Hospital  (William J Wood, Jr, DVM)



Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center‎  (Dr J C Burcham; Dr Anthony Carrier)



Veterinary Health Center, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine (James W Carpenter, MS, DVM, DACZM; David Eshar, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, DECZM)



Norton Animal Health Center



Olathe Animal Hospital‎


Overland Park

Heartland Animal Clinic (Dr Jill Sandler)

Quivira Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Nathan Feyerabend; Dr Marci Feyerabend)


Rose Hill

Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic



Town and Country Animal Hospital   *For more information about the services available please call their office.



University Veterinary Care Center  (Travis Gratton, DVM; Amy Guernsey, DVM)



Peabody Veterinary Clinic  (Virginia Skinner, DVM)



Animal Health Center of Wichita

Bogue Animal Hospital

Companion Animal Hospital




(Last updated January 2020)

A gorgeous story about how an Olathe ferret named Zelda got a pacemaker courtesy of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine


DISCLAIMER: The vets listed have either been recommended, or have advised me personally that they are happy to treat ferrets, or have mentioned that they treat ferrets, exotic pets &/or pocket pets on their website. However I have no firsthand knowledge of how experienced any of the vets are with ferrets.
It is up to you to make sure that you are happy with the treatment your ferret is getting from your vet. If you have any doubts at all, please think about getting a second opinion so that you know that your pet is getting the best possible treatment available.


While I have made every effort to ensure that the information contained on my page is free from error, I don’t warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of this information.

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  1. I’d like to correct the information for a Kansas ferret vet, Dr. Virginia Skinner. Could you tell me how I can do that?

  2. Hi Donald
    You can put the correct details down here and I’ll amend the entry or, if you prefer to write to me, please send the information to

    furquin.el.ferretATgmail.com (please put @ instead of AT)

    and I’ll make the changes.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Could you update your information please on a ferret vet in Kansas, USA? Under your Kansas listing you have Dr. Virginia Skinner listed at Peabody, Kansas. But if you click on her name the information that comes up is for a vet in Iowa.

    Here is the correct information:
    Virginia Skinner DVM
    Peabody Veterinary Clinic
    1625 80th St.
    Peabody, Kansas 66866

    Thanks for your help with this.

  4. Hi Don
    Thank you so much for giving me the correct URL for Peabody Vet Clinic. I’ve changed the link on the page.
    My sincere apologies for the mistake … I normally check all the links when I put them in but must have missed that 🙁
    Kindest regards

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