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(Ferret Vets in the UK – I’m always happy to add sites which have been recommended by other ferret owners so if you have a good ferret vet who is not listed here, please let me know and I’ll put the details on this page … I reckon it’s great to have a list of vets we know are good so that if our ferrets ever get sick, we’ll feel comfortable in the knowledge that our pets will get the best treatment possible from a vet who knows what he’s doing!)












DISCLAIMER: The vets listed have either been recommended, have contacted me and asked to be listed or have said on their website that they treat ferrets on their website.
However I obviously have no firsthand knowledge of how experienced any of the vets are with ferrets.

It is up to you to make sure that you are happy with the treatment your ferret is getting from your vet.
If you have any doubts at all, please think about getting a second opinion so that you know that your pet is getting the best possible treatment available.


7 thoughts on “Ferret Vets in the UK”

  1. Hi I have a 9 week old ferret an she has fleas what is the best solution to get rid of them? And also is it a good idea I get my ferret vaccines for parvovirus?

  2. Hi Aliyah
    To be honest, I haven’t heard of a ferret getting a parvovirus shot. We certainly don’t need our babies to have to that down under!
    I would suggest you speak to a ferret club in the UK and ask them for advice. Perhaps try the British Ferret Club?


    Hope they’ll be able to help you. If not, perhaps find a club near to where you live or even a ferret vet nearby!
    Sorry I can’t be of any help.

  3. Hey same thing happened to me… I gave her a bath with small animal shampoo making sure I drowned and picked out any adult fleas by hand then I dried her off and gave her flea medicine I got from a pet store

  4. Hi am Gary have to ferret s hob an jil she’s in heat what to know is should l let naturaer take place has can’t get my job done yet any advice

  5. Hi Gary
    I would take your jill to the vet to get a jill jab so take her out of heat. The mating process is very brutal so she might get hurt or suffer an abscess from your hob’s bites so it wouldn’t be much fun for your jill and so many things can go wrong with the pregnancy & birth, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle!

  6. Hi, I have a ferret who is almost 10 months old and is in heat. Would it be fine if I breed her or is she still going. Should I give her the jab and wait until next cycle or is now ok? Also how long can I wait before there’s problems? Thanks

  7. Hi Alejandra
    I think you should hold off breeding your jill until she’s older. The actual mating is so rough and she could get hurt or get an infection from the hob’s biting her neck! ?
    Also, please think long and hard about having kits. Did you read my page about breeding? It might be an idea for you to go through it and see how the costs at the vet could add up if there are any complications to do with either the pregnancy or birth!


    I’m sorry but I don’t know what you mean about how long you can wait before there are problems. If you see there is a problem with your ferret, you must take her to the vet immediately as it could be life threatening!
    I had 12 kits from 2 of my jills and I was very careful about selecting people I thought would take care of them properly. I gave each new ferret parent a 5 page document on how to look after their new babies, what to feed them, etc, etc, and I was horrified to hear about a year later how one lady said her ferret went walkabout and she never called Ferret Rescue (as instructed in my document) so God knows what happened to him. Then another owner got fed up with the smell (!!) of the brother and sister he’d bought for his children and so sold them to someone who started to breed from them! That was the last straw for me and I vowed I would never breed ferrets again. I was FURIOUS and absolutely fed up with the human race ?
    Anyway, back to your jill. 10 months is very early for her to be a mother – you should wait at least another year until she is mature but I would seriously suggest you have her sterilised and just enjoy her as your little girl and not think of breeding!!
    Hugs to your girl from her new fuzzy friends down under ❤

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