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(Ferret Vets in Virginia – I’m always grateful to know about new ferret vets so please tell me if you know of one who’s not on this page so I can add themI’m always happy to add sites which have been recommended by other ferret owners so if you have a good ferret vet who is not listed here, please let me know and I’ll put the details on this page … I reckon it’s great to have a list of vets we know are good so that if our ferrets ever get sick, we’ll feel comfortable in the knowledge that our pets will get the best treatment possible from a vet who knows what he’s doing!)



VCA Highlands Animal Hospital



Hayfield Animal Hospital  (Jerry Hinn, DVM & Elizabeth Embree, DVM)

VCA Old Town Animal Hospital



Columbia Pike Animal Hospital (Dr Candice Flynn)



Compassion Animal Hospital  (Brianna Horricks, BVMS)



Companion Animal Clinic Inc  (Matt McCormick, DVM)  (Recommended by a ferret owner) (Listed on the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians’ website)



Catlett Animal Hospital (Dr Brianna Horricks)



Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge

Nova Pets Health Center (Sayed Masood, DVM)



Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital (Janice L Raab, DVM, CVA)  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Great Bridge Veterinary Hospital

Midway Veterinary Hospital  (Tony Poutous, VMD)



Town and Country Veterinary Clinic  (Tanya “Wally” Woloshin, DVM)  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Bennett Creek Animal Hospital  (Debbie Sigler Deans, DVM)



Animal Wellness Center  (Hillary Cook, DVM CA)



Eastern Exotic Veterinary Center

Pender 24 Hour Vet & Emergency Animal Hospital

Pender Exotics  (Recommended by a ferret owner)

Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services (SEAVS)  (David A Crum, DVM)



The Ridge Animal Hospital  (Dr Mark A French)



Cedarcrest Animal Clinic



Hartwood Animal Hospital



Healing Springs Animal Hospital  (Heather Jenkins Brazzell, DVM)  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Gayton Animal Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.

Lakeside Animal Hospital  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Clocktower Animal Hospital  (Dr Diane Panopoulos)



Leesburg Veterinary Hospital  (Lauren Kloer, DVM)

North Oatlands Animal Hospital & Reproduction Center

Towne Animal Clinic  (Dr Derbin)



Peaks View Animal Hospital  (Jamie Adkins, DVM)

The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg



Home Vet Care  (Kathryn Hurley, DVM)  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Swift Creek Animal Hospital  (Recommended by a ferret owner)



Montclair Animal Hospital



Poquoson Veterinary Hospital



Animal Clinic Of Tall Oaks   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.



Brook Run Animal Clinic

VCA Pets First Animal Hospital (Jamie Mays, DVM)

Wellesley Animal Hospital



Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic of Roanoke (Paul Stewart, DVM)

Furr, Feathers and Scales – Mobile Veterinarian (Kerri Cooper-Bailey, MS DVM) (Serves all of the New River Valley, Roanoke and southwest)

Roanoke Animal Hospital (Mark R. Finkler, DVM)  (Listed on the AFA vets’ page)

Valley Animal Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.



610 Animal Hospital   *Please call for more information.

Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Limited services available. Call for more information.



Nansemond Veterinary Clinic  (Dr Jennifer Cochran)



Botetourt Veterinary Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.


Virginia Beach

Birdneck Animal Hospital  (Wayne M Johnson, VMD)

Independence Veterinary Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.

Pembroke Veterinary Clinic

Pet Care Veterinary Hospital  (Peter G Fisher, DVM, Herbert A Hulls, DVM, & Andrew D Bean, DVM, MPH, CPH)  (Highly recommended by a ferret owner)  (Listed on the AFA vets’ page)

Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach  (Andrew Silverstone, DVM)

Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital   *Select veterinarians only. Call for more information.



Animal Care Center & Pet House Suites   *Case By Case Basis



Animal Health Care Center



Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital



Winchester Animal Hospital  (Dr Kim Walls)



Old Bridge Animal Hospital  (Tom Kawasaki, DVM)  (Dr Kawasaki is a very well known ferret vet)

Ridge Lake Animal Hospital



Grafton Animal Hospital




(Last updated September 2015)


DISCLAIMER: The vets listed have either been recommended, or have advised me personally that they are happy to treat ferrets, or have mentioned that they treat ferrets, exotic pets &/or pocket pets on their website. However I have no firsthand knowledge of how experienced any of the vets are with ferrets.
It is up to you to make sure that you are happy with the treatment your ferret is getting from your vet. If you have any doubts at all, please think about getting a second opinion so that you know that your pet is getting the best possible treatment available.


While I have made every effort to ensure that the information contained on my page is free from error, I don’t warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of this information.

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  1. Furr, Feathers and Scales
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    Served all of the new river valley, Roanoke and southwest
    Kerri Cooper-Bailey MS DVM
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