ferrets overrun!!!

by Catrin

I am sort of in a state of adopting three ferrets. I have fostered them for a month and love them but they are stressful little critters who enjoy doing what you don’t wish them to! I would never wish them away; however perhaps if I’d never discovered ferrets, my life would be less stressful or even if they had come nip-trained 🙂

Despite all my moaning they are lovely little critters with a mind and personality unique to each of them, in other words – they little terrors from your worst nightmare but they made you laugh every minute so you can’t help but love them and keep them…


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Jun 02, 2013 Sounds cute :p
by: Anonymous

Awwww… Buttercup sounds like a real cutie although i’m sure that biting must drive you mad!!! Yep, Ferrets always think they’re the strongest :p Training ferrets is a lot of hard work and there seems to be no shortcut, but at least the rewards at the end balance it all out! 😀

Jun 01, 2013 lol
by: Anonymous

That’s so funny! My ferret, Buttercup,likes to do what ever she wants whenever she wants. For example, when I let her out of her cage, she bites me when I try to catch her because she thinks I’m putting her back in her cage. Sometimes she tries to attack my puppy Paisley or Pae-Pae.

Apr 30, 2012 Thanks for the comments 🙂
by: Catrin

Gosh, it’s so comforting to know that everybody struggles managing these little bundles and I’m not just mental! I sometimes find it impossible to explain to people why I want them but them are truly irresistable…as I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂

Apr 30, 2012 The triple threat
by: Anonymous

When people ask me about ferrets I tell them to imagine a puppy, kitten & ADHD two year old child rolled into a foot long furry critter! Partly to explain how wonderful they can be & partly as a warning! 😉

Apr 28, 2012 Catrin, you’re a star 🙂
by: Furquin

I really loved reading your honest appraisal of living with ferrets!

* Yes, they can drive us all to distraction!
* Yes, they can be messy with their reluctance to use their litter trays!
* Yes, they can make us cry if they insist on nipping the hand that feeds them!

BUT! …. They give us so much love, and so much laughter, that it makes all the other stuff worthwhile!

They are the most misunderstood, undervalued pets on this earth, IMHO. People see them and say “Eeeeuuwww, they smell! Eeeeuuww, they’re vicious. Eeeeuww, they bite!”

Well, I guess in a way it’s good that those people are not ferret owners because it gives us a chance to add more of these DELIGHTFUL, IDIOTIC, and TOTALLY CHAOTIC but ABSOLUTELY LOVING little critters into our life.

And for that, I am VERY thankful 😀

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  1. I am a proud owner of 2 ferrets, joey and jj or jay jay. one boy one girl. they are now 3 months old and have stopped biting hard and mostly use litter box, one way I have got them to quit going where they want too is I see them, move them and spray vinegar and water, they get a wiff and shake their heads and leave spots alone, and wahlah litter box it is.

  2. That is a brilliant idea about the vinegar & water, Lisa!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us 😀

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