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  1. Hey there! I’ve recently moved to Ingolstadt in Germany and I’m looking for a ferret or two to give a home. Rescue or otherwise they deserve a home. If you’re nearby or can deliver the ferret or anything along those lines I’d love to hear back from you. Even if you know someone who can help. Thanks!

  2. Oh hi Tom! I posted a couple of links on my FF FB group in reply to your question.
    Did you find them useful/helpful at all?

  3. Hi Antonio
    I’m afraid I cannot help you as I live in Australia 🙁
    I would suggest you contact ferret breeders in Europe yourself and ask them if they can help you.
    Kindest regards

  4. Nona, I am in the US but am trying to find a way to get an Australian ferret over here. Buy and ship with a reputable company? Get a friend to bring me one? I know it sounds dumb, but the lifespan of Australian ferrets seems to be about 2x that of those in the US and I am sincerely tired of having my heart broken when they get sick and die around age 5. The US ones are so inbred, I am looking for a healthier ferret for our home. Ideas?

  5. Hi Monica
    I don’t think it’d be such a good idea to get a ferret from Australia mainly because of the distance involved, plus it would be astronomical re freight costs ? I believe it costs an arm and a leg to just air freight a ferret from one state to another so I can’t imagine how much it would cost to get one sent to the States!
    I would suggest you look at breeders in Europe, particularly in Holland or Germany, as their ferrets are very strong and certainly not sterilised at 6 weeks like your poor American ones are ?
    I googled for Dutch breeders and got this site …


    I think it’d be worth your while to speak to them and see what they say. Google also brought up individual breeders in Holland but I thought that site would have answers for you rather than a local breeder. I could be wrong, of course ?
    I believe German ferrets are also big and boofy so if you don’t get any answers from the Dutch, you could google and find a decent breeder there to speak to.
    I agree with you – it breaks my heart to hear of American owners who have so many problems with their babies and who consider 5 year old ferrets as senior ones! Not fair to the animal to have such a short lifespan ?
    I hope I’ve given you some ideas to think about and that you’ll be able to find a kit from a decent breeder ?
    Good luck in your quest ?

  6. Hello,

    I recently moved to Hutschenhausen-Katzenbach. I normally give “Nupro Natural Ferret Suppliment” with “Wysong Epigen 90” for my two frettchens. I cannot find the Nupro. What would work for them here? Where can I find it.

  7. Hello, I live in Dusseldorf, Germany and I really want a ferret for my birth day. Do you know any Ferret Sanctuary or Ferret Rescue Teams (because I don’t want to buy them from a pet shop) maybe even good authorised by the german law and german vets Ferret Breeding Place?

    Thanks and hoping for the reply!

  8. Hi Shoyo
    I’m afraid I couldn’t find any ferret shelters or breeders in or around Dusseldorf, but I did find an animal shelter there so you might want to call them and see if they have any ferrets …


    And on this page there are 3 German ferret shelters listed. Perhaps you could speak to them and see if they know of any ferret rescues/breeders close to where you live?


    Hope this will be of some help to you!

  9. Hi! I live in greece and i really want a ferret but i cant find them here. Could you suggest me a breeder in europe?


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