Hiding ferrets

by Danyel
(S.A Adelaide Australia)


I’m a new ferret owner of my beautiful Silvermitt Jill called Peach. She is a handful when it comes to play time and when she does something bad, like bite or poo in the wrong place, she will tend to run and hide under my bed or TV unit.

These furnishings mind you are only about 1/2-1 inch, just enough for her to squeeze underneath and nothing I can modify to prevent her from getting underneath.

Once she is underneath it is hard to coax her out without seriously getting bitten (blood drawn fingers and screams from my mouth) as I believe sometimes she might feel threatened. But I call her name and offer treats she still wont come until I leave the room.

Seriously there has to be a better way of getting her out of those places without getting hurt or leaving the room.

If anyone has a better method than leaving the room to catch their mischevious ferret then I would love to know. Thanx.

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Jan 16, 2008 Hiding by Danyel
by: Bernice

Hi Danyel – As a human being loved by three ferrets, I agree with the others that you need to get her mind off the fact that she is going to get into trouble. My husband and I taught ours from the very beginning to come to a cat squeaky toy. So when they get under something, in something or out of something we squeak the toy, they come running we pick them up and love them then put them in thier cage. If by chance you catch her pooing in an area she isn’t suppose to and can get a hand on her before she hides, pick her up and put her in the correct poo spot and give her a treat and praise her to high heaven. Worked for us.

Hope this helps. I can see where the saying “ferreting out” comes from. We LOVE our furries!!!!

Jan 13, 2008 R.E Hiding
by: Danyel

Thanx for the helpful tip. I did get her new and she has been like this ever since and i have treated her right. I have only punished her once as she had bitten me on the nose and drew blood pritty seriously.

So the idea is to play with her once she has done something bad?? and she will stop hiding and attacking when i want to get her out or without leaving the room?

Thanx a bunch for your helpful hint aswell.

Jan 10, 2008 Hiding
by: Dan

She’s feeling guilty for doing ‘wrong’ and fearful of punishment. Did you get her ‘new’ or from a different family, that may have abused her?
Your best bet is to forget about it and get interested in doing something else (like playing with bubble wrap or krinkly plastic, in another room) Your Peach will instantly have an attention span of about 3 seconds….welcome her with love and pets and play…..all will be forgotten and the fun will resume. After all, how much real trouble can they get into?…Dan
(Hint: try pushing a goat out of the back of a pick-up::::can’t be done; you have to lead ’em)

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