How many times a day should you feed a Ferret?

by Erin Jackaman

Hi im Erin and im 8 my mum told me I could get a ferret when I’m about 10.

I have 1 question…

How many times a day should you feed a ferret???

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Apr 11, 2011 How Many Times a day should I feed a ferret.
by: JLC 

Hi. I have had ferrets for over ten years now & ferrets should have dry food available to them at all times, along with fresh water every day. They eat 3 to 5 small meals a day !! So it is easy to just keep their food dish full.

Just be very careful about what kind of FERRET FOOD you are feeding them & do a lot of research on the care of a ferret before you get yours. It will help you understand them & make sharing your life with them much easier & happier. Good luck !!!

I love mine !! They are very sweet balls of energy & you need to know all there is about taking care of them — from food to health problems.

JC & Gang

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  1. Hi i feed my ferret and polecat twice a day that’s what i was told but don’t know if it’s true please can someone help me out they determined to have nibbles all the time i enter there hutch as called the romeo and Juliette please email me at to give me more advice and let me know how to interact with them more

  2. Hi Darren
    Ferrets should always have kibble available as their digestive tracts are short, which means they should eat often.
    You didn’t say what food you give them? If they have a raw diet then feeding them twice a day is fine but make sure they have good quality dried food and water in their hutch at all times.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Hi, can I feed a ferret 2 times a day? I’m 13 and thinking of getting a ferret but I don’t want to get one if I know I won’t be able to take care of it well. I still have to go to school so I will only have time to feed it twice a day. Would it be okay to feed the ferret raw food 2 times a day and leave dry food out always?

  4. Hi Haley
    Ferrets should always have good quality dry food available 24/7 as they have short digestive tracks and need to eat often.
    Yes, it would be fine to feed your ferret raw food twice a day and leave dry food out but please make sure you get a good dry food. Those grain-free ones with peas in them ingredients have now been found to form stones in ferrets’ bladders and cause a lot of problems ?
    You can access a list of dry foods to see which is the best on my “What do ferrets eat?” page but, of course, the good stuff always costs more than the rubbish kibble!
    I think you might want to hold off getting a ferret until this coronavirus business goes away!! Too much uncertainty around ?
    Take care, stay healthy, keep your social distance from people and don’t forget to wash your hands a lot after touching things!!! ❤

  5. Hi im 11 nearly 12. Im getting a 6 week old ferret soon. Should I feed it dry food and raw meat? And I have to go to school, i will have some time to feed it in the morning and I will feed it at night also play w it. I will have dry food all day. How many time do I have to feed a baby and an adult ferret? Can I have some tip about them. Please can I have some pros and cons see you next Time

  6. Hey everyone i feed my ferrets only raw diet and i can only feed them in the morning 7am and after work at 5 pm
    And then at 8 pm and before sleep 11 pm

    Is this ok ?
    Indo t want to give them dryfood in the cage i dont feed my ferrets kibble

    What else can i leave in the cage
    Or ot fine if they don’t eat fpr that period of 9 hours ?

    Thanks everyone

    Be safe

  7. Hey Chip and Dale ?
    If you leave food in their cage you MUST make sure that your babies don’t stash the food – ahhh, having said that, you also should make sure that there is no stashed food when you put their food into their cage during those times too.
    A friend’s ferret stashed a day old chick and my friend missed finding it when checking the cage. The ferret ate the chick a few days later but it had gone bad, the ferret developed salmonella and died – so make REALLY SURE you don’t miss any stashes in the cage! ?
    There are some really good kibble for ferrets these days, like chicken Ziwi Peak …

    I give it to my guys and because it’s packed full of goodness, the ferrets don’t have to eat a lot to feel full, their poop is well formed and doesn’t smell and it keeps them healthy,
    Because it’s good food, it’s quite expensive but well worth the price IMO!
    Of course feeding them raw is great but as I said, please make sure you check the cage thoroughly so that there’s nothing hidden which could kill them!! ❤
    Hugs to your guys from their new fuzzy buddies down under ?

  8. Hi I am thinking about getting a ferret and am only able to give them a dry food. Is pellets better? I still go to school and can feed it morning and night. how much food should I put in the morning or at night٫ I want them to be full but not over eat or be hungry?

  9. Hi Lily.

    Did you already get yourself a ferret? I have 2 male and female that i would like to rehome since i will be travelling a lot very soon.

  10. Hi Lily
    Someone has asked if you got your ferrets already as she has two that need to be rehomed.
    This is what she wrote :
    Hi Lily.
    Did you already get yourself a ferret? I have 2 male and female that i would like to rehome since i will be travelling a lot very soon.

    sonya17y AT yahoo DOT com

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