just bought ferrets yesterday!

Me and my partner bought two ferrets yesterday, 2 and a half year
I introduced them to Ducky (our mini black Pomeranian) and Timone bit Ducky right in the face. :/

This morning I let them all run around together and they all got along great. I think they were just never around dogs, but I’m still gonna keep a close eye on them.

just bought ferrets yesterday!

They truly are marvelous animals and I’m so excited for them to join our family. 🙂 I have a lot to learn about them, which is why I’m on this site right now. Thank you for all the info!

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Feb 16, 2012 Timone & Pumba
by: Anonymous

Ouch, poor Ducky! I hope Timone didn’t make Ducky’s eyes water! LOL!

Ferrets are great little critters and I know they will bring you years of love and laughter!!

Just make sure you ferret proof your house and keep an eye on your dynamic duo so that they don’t scare your dog! Everyone can live happily side-by-side … it just takes patience and attention to make sure no animal is being picked on unfairly 😉

Once all the critters are friends, I know you’ll have a super little group of BFF 😀

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