by Tim Smith
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)


Nikomi the Ferret

Nikomi: The Tree of Life

I am amazed at myself at the level of grief I am enduring. It is unbearable.

It has been 8 months since my pet ferret died and it still feels like yesterday. Sorrow comes in many forms, even as small as a cute white ferret. I wear my emotions on my sleeve as my mother tells me.

When Nikomi died, it was a blow to me, more so then I have even anticipated. When Nikomi died, I took a week off from work, I had to.

We decided to plant a tree in our backyard. We did this out of sorrow and celebration for Nikomi. Every time we look at this tree even though there is a mixture of sadness, it is also a symbol of his life. I do not recall the actual name of the tree and I really should know this but it slips my mind at the moment. The tree buds are starting to blossom with white flowers, the color of Nikomi. This tree will be with us forever and hopefully after we are long gone and some strangers occupy our home, this tree will be here and with that notion, Nikomi will truly live forever.

I miss you so much, my beloved pet.

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2 thoughts on “Nikomi”

  1. Nikomi
    It has been years since your passing and I still think about you everyday. You were not just a pet. Always in my thoughts my friend.

  2. Nikomi will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, Tim, and will greet you with so much love that all your pain since losing her will disappear! ❤

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