The biggest thing I have learned is that I would go crazy trying to provide a happy safe home for a ferret and therefore there is no way that I could ever own one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 29, 2012 :((
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear that you reckon a ferret would be a lot of trouble to have in the house but I am extremely happy that you found out before getting one!

Ferrets aren’t pets for everyone, even though they’re small critters. However it’s good to know that people like you take the trouble to research about them before thinking of getting one.

Too many people are impulse buyers – they see a cute little ferret kit, get it and then find it’s not the kind of animal they thought it’d be so the poor thing gets shunted off to a rescue.

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  1. I have learn so much from this page! Know I know why most ferret owners have a room just for the ferrets I am glad I have read this and now I have the forwarding of how to keep my furry safe! Thanks you!!’

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