Parents won’t let me get a ferret!

by Claire

My name is Claire. I am nearly 13 and really really really want a ferret, but my parents won’t let me have one!

I’ve already got a dog and two gerbils but I really want a ferret to complete my pet family. I have done two powerpoints, written a two page long letter in size 12 font about why I should get a ferret, tried to talk to them, but they still won’t give in!

They told me I can’t have one because they are too much of a commitment and I won’t have time to care for it when I start studying for exams. They’re also saying that we have enough animals and don’t need more to look after, but I’m the one that does everything for the gerbils and I help out with the dog.

I have enough money to buy a ferret and everything it needs, and I get ยฃ20 a month pocket money, so I would be able to buy all the food and bedding every month. Please give me some advice!

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Feb 14, 2015 Something to think about
by: Anonymous

For all you kids out there who want to get your parents listening to your plea for a ferret in the house…

One idea is to go through all the posts in this thread from people who never had a ferret and who exclaim about what wonderful pets they make when they finally do get them.

Another thing which, as a parent, I would be concerned about, are the medical bills. You MUST make sure you have a ferret knowledgeable vet in your area because if your ferret gets sick, it will need a vet who knows about ferrets and that vet might charge like a wounded bull ๐Ÿ™

I’d like to think that most ferrets in the States will stay healthy until they’re 5-6 years old but some do get cancers earlier ๐Ÿ™

Also – please understand that ferrets can be destructive! Not all but some are … and if you have a ferret in your room, you have to make sure that it won’t dig a hole in your mattress or carpet or chair or whatever, otherwise your parents will platz!

The smell is not an issue once they’ve been sterilized and it’s cruel to get the vet to descent them. Some people might find sterilized ferrets too smelly, others won’t. I guess it depends on their smell capacity. But if your parents think a ferret smells, then that will be that I guess, since they’re the owners of the home ๐Ÿ™

Also, please understand that a ferret is NOT A THROWAWAY pet. You might want one when you’re young but then you go to college or move away to share an apartment with someone who hates animals … who looks after the ferret? Your parents or they’ll just hand it into a ferret shelter to get rid of it ๐Ÿ™

IF you want a ferret now, you really must think of making the commitment to having your ferret through thick or thin. He’ll be your buddy no matter what, and you have to promise to look after him until he passes to the Rainbow Bridge.

Are you youngsters ready to make that sort of commitment????

Feb 13, 2015 #theydontgivemeachance
by: Ferrets Forever

Hi, I’m Savannah, and I’m 10. I think Ferrets are the most FASCINATING creatures alive.

I’ve taken a ton of notes, made 3 PowerPoints, a 6 page essay, and am working on a poster, and my parents don’t even listen! They stop me right in the middle of my presentation, and just say no, because we have “too many pets” and she “doesn’t want to take care of it.”

I kindly disagree with both of those comments, because 1, my Grandma is getting a new house, and taking 2 cats with her, therefore, we will have more room in the house, and 2, Mom says SHE doesn’t want to take care of it.

I would take care of it, and whenever I even try to bring up the ferret situation, she walks out of the room, and doesn’t listen at all. Same thing goes for Papa. He thinks they have an “odor problem.” I told him about monthly/weekly baths, and getting them descented, (which most ferrets already are) but neither of my parents listen!

#plzhelp #in #need #of #a #ferret #DESPERATELY

Feb 06, 2015 I realy Want a ferret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Ferrets forever

I realy want a ferret Iยดm working on a ferret powerpoint. I have also done a lot of research and still nothing! My dad says I canยดt take care of one; my Mom says they sink and are dirty so it seems I will never get a ferret! ;( I donยดt even know when to show them my power point!! What should I do?????

I really want a Jill Albino Kit!!!!! ( if you donยดt know what I mean, itยดs a girl white baby ferret).

Dec 30, 2014 Same prob!
by: Anonymous

Okay so I read some comments and ppl are telling me to wait. I HAVE been waiting since I knew what a ferret was. Which was SEVEN years ago!! I’ve done my research, saving up for supplies and other fun stuff for the ferret, and what does my father say? “Your not ready. They are too stinky anyway.” I’ve been MAJORLY depressed without my dream pet. I’ve SHOWED my family I’m ready! I’ve pointed out 100 times that the ferret “odor” can be avoided. Still get the same answer! “Your not ready for one, Ashley.” I’ve been VERY patient and tried VERY hard for a ferret, but still no. Help me!! ๐Ÿ™

Nov 30, 2014 same ptoblem here!!!
by: Anonymous

I live with my aunt and its almost Christmas so she suggested a bunny. I was very fond of that idea but I wanted a ferret since I was 5 or 6 so I already did my whole entire research on them. I know where you get one and how much they cost, even my mom said yes but when I asked my aunt, she shot me straight down by saying no and her only excuse is that they stink.

I told her once you desex the male he won’t smell that much and that I already know what to do when they get sick and how much they cost but she still refuses.

She says “Sybell, not now! I am not feeling well. It’s a bunny or hamster and that’s it!” Then I said I need an active animal that isn’t lazy and will play with me to my standard.

She again said no and now I am writing her an email about all the pros of having a ferret and that my 3 little cousins don’t even go in my room and will stay away from him.

She still says no! I can’t believe her so now I am pulling the card that I don’t nothing then see how she feels about that!!!! She is so unfair! !!!

Aug 20, 2014 Ferrets
by: Anonymous

Hi I have been wanting to get a ferret to so I am writing down all the information about them. I know that ferrets are very expensive and you have to understand that the vaccines that you get every six months cost about 75$ Canadian every six months.

You could also look at this website for help:

It is very accurate if I say so myself.

Jun 03, 2014 #iwantaferret
by: Dandy tiger

But if you guys are impatient fools go to this website:

but if you read my past comments WAIT and also take as many as possible pet tests to find out what pet is best for you and have your family take these tests to determine which pet is pet is meant for you.

May 26, 2014 #iwantaferret
by: Dandy tiger

I guess that if you really want a ferret here’s my advice to all of you. WAIT! It took me three years for a dog and I have one. So if you really want a pet, show your parents that you are willing to wait for a pet and try to understand parents. They don’t have it easy and if you wait you’ll see, if you still want that pet. Guys, this really works! And start pick up after yourself, not just to prove you are responsible but, hey, in a few years you will have to take care of yourself and your own family. If you listen to me – it works 100 percent of the time so try it and be PATIENT!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

May 26, 2014 #iwantaferret
by: Dandytiger

I’ve been wanting a dog for as long as I’ve been alive but now I’m thirteen and for 3 years straight all I did was anything to do with dogs and well, if you have a messed up family like mine my half brother died in 2012 and my dad was super depressed, so one day (we do kinesiology I’m not sure how to spell it) and our friend came up with testing DOG.

My dad said I don’t have one but Anastasia has been straight up doing everything she can to get a dog….. But after a while we did get a dog, a beautiful grief dog mutt from the Nebraska Humane Society but 7 months later he got run over and we were so heartbroken that my dad FINALLY let me get a puppy!!!!!

But Dandy is always sick and mom gets mad and you can see my life is a mess even if I don’t tell you the details. But now that I’m thirteen I really want a ferret – more responsibility – but my parents are STRICT. They HATE ferrets! My dad just … well … he hates the smell and animals that aren’t dogs and mom, well, last time she yelled ANASTASIA WE ARE NEVER GETTING ANOTHER PET AS LONG AS I LIVE, so you can see I am getting nowhere.

So what do I do? Everyone shows them facts but that annoys them and tell me never but maybe as a wedding present and I can’t date until I’m 20 so that’s 7 stupid years from now, ugh! So again, what do I DO???????????? Help me!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 15, 2014 Mom! Please just let me get a ferret!
by: Anonymous

I’ve really wanted a ferret since I was 5 and now I’m 11. In 4th grade I wrote 3 page letter and also put together a graph of cost and supplies! I work really hard and get good grades and I even put it on my Christmas wishlist and still my parents said no. I recently had a dog pass and I’m needing comfort, I thought maybe my mom would let me get a fuzzy buddy! I fell in love with ferrets the first time I saw one when I was 5 at my local pet store and I have been asking my parents since! They think that they smell and poop everywhere but once neutured, they don’t smell. And I learned you can even train them to poop in a litter box! I’ve even asked them if I can get my neighbor’s old gerbil but STILL A NO! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel like I’m dying. I even have over $500 of cash to pay for it! Help Me!

Feb 26, 2014 i know what your going through
by: iwantaferrettoo!!!

1. see if you can make a schedule to make sure they understand you will have time to take care of your pets and the ferret
2. do extra chores and also make sure that you do all your chores extra good because they are watching to see how responsible you are pay extra attention, and make sure they see you researching about ferrets.
3. make sure they understand you are fully ready to take on this job.

hope this helped~
I Love Ferrets Too!!!
trying to get one myself:D

Feb 09, 2014 do it yourself
by: Anonymous

Buy one yourself whether your parents like it or not because they will just love them and they will regret not letting you get one in the first place

Jan 15, 2014 NO! ferrets do NOT smell bad >:(
by: benji

Read the comment from Anon who said his uncle had ferrets and they stank.

True, if male ferrets haven’t been sterilised they stink like anything and my mum wouldn’t allow her stud ferret in the house because of that.

Jills (female whole ferrets) also have an odour but nothing like whole (unsterlised) males.

My mum used to use one full male as a stud then take the ferret to the vet for his operation. She always wanted her ferrets to be part of the family and not stuck outside.

Ferrets are great – they’re intelligent, affectionate and so much fun. Seriously great little animals but some people think the smell of sterilised ferrets is off putting.

If that’s a problem, don’t get a ferret. Simple.

Ferrets aren’t for everyone. They can destroy furniture and carpets and lots of things. But if you keep your ferret in a room without any of those things and play with it lots of time, you’ll have a fabulous pet!

Jan 12, 2014 My parents won’t either
by: Anonymous

I have wanted a ferret since I was 7 years old, I am now 12 years old. I would always look in the pet shops and just beg. I do have a job at my local stable bringing in 50$ a week.

Why mom and dad, why???

Jan 11, 2014 ferrets smell
by: Anonymous

My uncle has five ferrets, which live outside in a cage because they smell awful. so he washes his ferrets 2x a week. Try a rat instead.

Dec 01, 2013 Convincing isn’t working
by: ?

Well I have wanted a ferret for a LONG TIME! I tried to convince them but it isn’t working. Christmas is coming up and it doesn’t sound like I’m gonna get ferrets!so how do I convince them? I have a cage… I have made leashes for them, harnesses you name it, I have it ready for them so I don’t know what this is doing but oh well now you have heard my side of the tale so…… Thanks!

Nov 28, 2013 Hopefully 100 percent effective
by: Anonymous

Well my mom is against ferrets because they smell. What I’m going to do though is I’m going to first save up a lot of money (I’m talking at least $800) then I’m going to talk to my mom about it, telling her that it will give me a reason to keep my room clean and do other things than play video games.

It will also give me a reason to keep my job and save (just in case there are any emergency vet visits).

I am also going to tell her that it will be the only pet that I actually picked out, named, paid for, and will take care of 100 percent. I will also show her how much I know about ferrets, already how much research I’ve done and how much I’ve saved up.

There are a few other things that I will do, including put her mind at ease about the smell by telling her that if you desex them and you clean their cages every two days or so, and clean their bedding once to twice a week, along with cleaning out their litter twice a day and spraying down the cage (doing a full scrub down of the cage) once to twice a month. Those things with certain diets (look up whole prey diets) will really keep the smell down.

I’m hoping if I give her enough stuff to think about she will give in. I hope this helps.

Oh, and think about bringing her with you to a ferret shelter so she can get to know ferrets though the smell may have the opposite effect and turn her off to the idea.

I’m talking to a breeder now, about visiting her ferrets and I’m thinking of bringing my mom along – not to convince her of getting a ferret but more so she and I can get to know ferrets better.

Nov 10, 2013 ferret talk
by: Arianna

Hey I’m Arianna. I want to say something = I am wanting a ferret as bad as you are and I’m getting one! I convinced my mom into it.

Christmas is coming up so my mom lets me and my 2 sisters and 1 brother make are list what we want for Christmas. The first thing I put on it was a ferret, a ferret play pen and ferret toys so I had 3 thing on it. She came over to me and said what? Lol I was laughing so we talk about it for an hour and she just says ok we will get it next week!

Nov 03, 2013 Hello
by: Anonymous

I heard you said you already have a dog? It took me 14 years of convincing before I got my dog. I’m 19 now and I want a cat but now it’s the same as with the dog. Even if I’m 20 in a month. It really hurts when you want a pet so much and you would do anything and still your parents (mine at least) just change the subject, get mad or just shrug it off whenever you talk about it. But because you are still a kid (or in my case I live at home right now) you have to do as your parents’s awful I know.

On the other hand a ferret would be insane much work. They are actually predators so they often are “wild”. They love to bite..everything. Also they require huge spaces..I’m talking an entire basement dedicated to it..(or preferably them since one gets lonely and it’s important they get to play and “fight” with a member of the same species). Also they don’t live very long in captivity.

Sep 28, 2013 I understand your problem, here’s a tip….
by: Shelbdog

I also want a ferret, so here’s what I’m going to do about it … I’m going to wait a few years and get good grades. I’ll probably wait until I’m 15 or so, I hope this helps.

Aug 27, 2013 yup
by: Anonymous

i know what you mean thanks for the advice.

Jun 30, 2013 NOO NOO
by: Anonymous

Here’s what you do – notify your parents that you want a ferret don’t bug them about it all the time.

Next – do a ton of research about them and let your parents see you doing it. When they say they “stink”, tell them that petco has ones that don’t stink because they are fixed. Also tell them that they do get sick but that won’t cost much because if you buy them from Petco they get there first vaccinations free, don’t bug them.

Next – get money however you can to show them I want a ferret. If they say maybe in a week TAKE IT. Ask them a week later. Send them research emails about what you did, don’t seem obsessed about them by doing a PowerPoint.

Also to convince mention it once in a while and try to get a trip to see one. Be nice and help randomly, don’t go crazy.

These worked for me you will end up with a ferret.

Jun 13, 2013 Ferret!
by: Anonymous

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I really want a ferret, but my parents won’t let me. I have not yet written the paper about why I should have one, but I probably will today. So, keep on doing research, staying positive, and mention ferrets a couple times a day. That’s what I do and I think it’s starting to work! Hope you get one!

May 19, 2013 DESPERATE!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I can’t believe it! I’m sooo desperate for a ferret! I would give up all my pets for one. (2 dogs, cat, and lots of birds). My Mum said she doesn’t want another animal dying because she gets real upset. I said I will pay for it and she won’t have to do anything but she still says NO!

I’m about to cry ๐Ÿ™ I’m so willing.

Apr 29, 2013 I want one
by: Anonymous

Same problemsโ€ฆ My mom used to have ferrets when she was young, so I have always wanted a ferret, but my dad wonโ€™t let me have one! T ^ T

I know a lot about ferrets and my mom doesnโ€™t care if we get one so sheโ€™s helping me to fight for one, but she said we probably wonโ€™t win. I donโ€™t have any other pets but ONE fish named Roxie. I could have all the fish I want but I can never have any other pet that poopsโ€ฆ I wrote a two pages on all the things I would do just for a ferret.

I will prove to them that I can take care of ferrets in 4 months by feeding and taking care of my fish every day! You should do the same with your other pets and prove to them you can take care of one other pet!

Apr 10, 2013 Here’s some hope
by: Anonymous

Keep on keeping on. Never pester though, I, as a parent get really and I mean REALLY annoyed with everyday mentioning ferrets. Print pictures and put them all over your room and stuff (that way even if you can’t get one, you will get to see their cute faces on paper). Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

Mar 27, 2013 You’re supposed to help her out…
by: Anonymous

Okay, I’m sorry, but Claire is asking for help and most of you are just saying how *you* want a ferret. Some of you are seriously asking for help on the page she created so others (like you) can help her. If you need help and are asking for it, do what Claire did and create a page or something. Or just read the actual answers on here.

You’re supposed to help Claire, not complain yourself.

Mar 24, 2013 HI
by: lucy

its been about 2 days now since I have wanted a ferret and I have already convinced my dad to let me have one but he won’t let me because my mom says she doesn’t want one. I have made a list of reasons why they’re good pets so I am going to show it to her tomorrow, I also already have 1 guinea pig and a dog and some fish. I hope this works because I really really really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2013 how do I get my parents to let me have a ferret
by: Maya

My nane is Maya – I will be 13 on the 23 of this month and we just gave away one of our dogs.

My mom will not let me get a ferret and I have already tried a powerpoint and three letters to my parents telling them why I should get one. I have offered to pay for it, even to let them name it and pick it out. But they think since we have a dog and a cat, I can not get one but we just gave away a dog and I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE !!

What should I do?

Mar 14, 2013 2 is better than 1
by: Anonymous

I’m 14 and I finally talked my mom into getting me a ferret a couple months ago.
I absolutely love my Henry to death, but you have to keep in mind that only getting one is a huge time commitment.
They need at least 2 or 3 hours of interaction a day. (And I mean laying in the floor and really playing with them.)
I would suggest getting 2 if you can.

Mar 12, 2013 PLZ READ
by: READ

I want a ferret 2 guys!!!! Both my parents have had them before I even heard my mom and dad saying I would never get a ferret till I move out. I’m marketing a big presentation but I’m too scared to show them.

Mar 08, 2013 for 4 years
by: Anonymous






Feb 10, 2013 I want a ferret ๐Ÿ™
by: Anonymous

I’m 13 and Ive been begging my parents for a ferret for months now.

I researched them and I know everything you would have to know about them. I have a pet cat but he wouldn’t be a problem because hes not vicious and my ferret would be able to live in my room since I have plenty of space for him to play.

I also have enough money for one and everything it would need, but my parents won’t let me have one because they think they’re ugly, smelly, and they think that they would be the ones taking care of it at the end. I keep proving them wrong but they just don’t listen.

Jan 26, 2013 A Harder Version of the Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I’ve been scrolling through these comments because I really need to convince my mum to let me get a ferret. I’ve wanted one for 4 years, and am only now bring it back up.
I have all the money ready, and am willing and able to do everything for the ferret except for drive it to the vet; I can’t drive yet. My dad doesn’t really care, as he knows I’m responsible and won’t have anything to do with the ferret. Mum, however, is a different story. I’ve already researched ferrets for her, and wrote a 4 page essay on them and all their needs, but still she won’t let me. She wants me to volunteer at a shelter to try out cleaning the cage, but there’s nowhere I’m old enough to volunteer in our city.
I’m responsible, and willing to let the ferret and its cage be in my room, pay for it, play with it, everything, yet she’s still unwilling. Any ideas of how I can convince her I’m trustworthy?

-A girl in America

Jan 24, 2013 same problem but different
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem but different. I used to have a hamster but it died and I was sad for a little while, my mom cries when we cry and doesn’t like to see that I was upset. My dad on the other hand is worried about money, and worried that we won’t have the money to pay the bills, also we can’t take ferrets to some of the places we go. So being as smart as I am I went on to youtube and watched videos about ferrets (search for party ferret) then wrote everything I learned then typed it including

food cost for the year
litter cost for the year
what to do if they drown
the total cost of the supplies they will need
and much more.

I am thinking of telling them and making a deal if after the trips in the summer I could have one. Also another thing, I ferret proofed my room in case, did a little more house work, not fight with siblings, and they have realized. I wish you luck and hope my tips help.

Jan 16, 2013 Remarks about chldren wanting ferrets
by: Anonymous

I am a ferret shelter operator and have dealt with hundreds of ferrets over the last seven years of doing this.

Some have been turned in by parents who gave into the kids’ demands; often the child doesn’t keep the pans clean or the cage; there will be huge vet bills at some time in the ferret’s life; even routine vet checks will be beyond the child’s earnings (that’s a lot of baby-sitting) and as the ferret ages past three or four years, things start to happen that need veterinary care. Surgery is never cheap but that is what will be needed for adrenal disease and skin mast cell tumors.

What about diagnosis and treatment for insulinoma if you feed cheap “ferret food”, much of which isn’t worthy of feeding to a dog, is another very real possibility. Of course there are vaccinations to keep up with and many people don’t bother with them but are taking a risk about distemper and rabies.

Then what happens as the child grows and gets involved with high school activities, study, exams, college, moving away? Believe me, I’ve had ferrets turned in for all those reasons and many more.

All of the ferret shelters are maxed out; it is a huge undertaking to run a shelter and definitely not money making. We barely can pay
for all the vet care needed to get ferrets healthy again from the neglect they often suffer. We pay personally for the top quality food they need to stay healthy. Adoption fees do not cover the cost of what we have put in to them to bring them back to good health.

Many here are not adoptable due to some health issue,until they are called to the Rainbow Bridge.

I do it because I love them and want to help. I cringe when a 12 to 14 year old, usually a girl, calls about adopting and when I have done it it often doesn’t work out and ferret is returned in a month or so. A few have worked out but those are the exceptions and usually the children have parents who are in the higher income bracket and are willing to pay for the care ferrets need.

Maybe I ranted too long but really, ferrets are a pet for responsible adults with a decent income and are not waiting for the next paycheck.

Dec 28, 2012 my ferret jazz is lonley
by: fuzz butts (ferrets)

I got my ferret from my dad – he was looking online for dogs for sale when he saw a ferret for sale. I came over and said that ferret is cute and I had a tree frog and dad told me if I want a ferret I have to let my frog go so I did.

I cried for hours and the ferret we found came with a cage and a litter box and it was only $50 so I had to give up a pet for a pet but the frog was just caught so she was going to die anyways. I guess it was for the best but I love my ferret but she is just so lonely.

I am going to earn all the money first then give my PowerPoint and stuff and show them the money hope it helps some one. :):):):):):);)

Dec 15, 2012 I know how you all you guys feel….
by: Alyssa

Hey guys I’m Alyssa, I’m 14 and I really want a ferret.

Well I’m just gonna get to the point.. I have been doing research for weeks on how to take care of a ferret, playing with them, everything they need etc.

I asked my dad to take me and my cousin to Petco a few weeks ago and he took us.

I got to hold 3 ferrets and I really enjoyed how playful they were and how cute.

I was in Petco for 4 hrs. When we FINALLY left I asked my dad if I can get one.. Of course he said no, when I told my mom I wanted one she really liked them and she thinks it’s a good idea, so we both asked my dad and he keeps saying no because they stink and I don’t take care of my other animals (1 dog, 1 turtle,1 fish). I used to have 4 hermit crabs and one mouse but they died.. I used to take really good care of them.

I am a pet person I reaaaaally love pets and I practically know everything about ferrets and taking care of them. I have been doing chores without being asked and taking care of my other pets but my dad still doesn’t care. I am asking family members for just money so I can save up and buy the ferret myself (or pay for half) but my dad isn’t giving in. I really don’t know what to do any more.. I’m starting to give up hope on getting on. Please help to get me to convince my dad to let me get one?

Dec 11, 2012 Ferret help
by: Anonymous

In order to convince your parents you have to do a lot of research and then if you start to be more mature then maybe they will let you. You can also find someone who has a ferret and then they can tell your parents how wonderful it is to have a ferret!

Dec 09, 2012 Ferrets
by: Zoe

Hi I am Zoe. I am 10 years old and I live in Australia. I in the same situation with all of you guys and I REALLY want a ferret. The main thing you want to show to your parents is how responsible you are so you can take care of your ferret. You also want to show how mature you are because if you whinge and keep asking for a pet ferret, your parents will get annoyed and not let you have a pet ferret.

My older brother wants one too, but not as much as I do. My little bro thinks their cute, but he doesn’t really want one.

My pets
I only have a dog that has to stay outside. When we were talking about adding another pet into the family, my older brother brought up a ferret. I researched the animal and watched youtube videos on how good pets they make. I thought ferrets were a great pet, and since they can be a great indoor pet, I really wanted a ferret.

My advice is to start a topic on adding another pet into the family. A good time to say this is at dinner time when your whole family is together. Bring up the idea of a ferret. Say some facts about ferrets. Your parents will start to think that you want a ferret. The next day, ask your parents about getting a ferret. They are most likely to say no, unless they have had one before (like my dad). If they have had one before, and they don’t want a ferret, they may tell you the downsides of ferrets.

You should show your parents how responsible you are. If you have other pets, look after them to show you can take care of your own pet. Help around the house.

My mum thinks they’re stinky, dirty little creatures. I am making a powerpoint to show her how they are not dirty. If your mum has not already seen one, take her to a real ferret and see if she like that smell because some people don’t think it is bad. Show her in your powerpoint why they are not dirty, and how you can lessen their odour. Also try to show how adorable they are with ferret pics or a real ferret. Tell your parents the downsides and how YOU will fix them and your parents know you have done your research before adopting your own pet.

If your parents say you have too many pets, consider that they may be right because a lot of you are saying “I have a lot of pets, but I REALLY want a ferret”. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of pets, and your parents are exaggerating. If you have one (family) pet, your parents may think about it and think you deserve one more than if you had lots of pets. With lots of pets, you have a lesser chance of owning a ferret.

If this is not enough, earn money so you can buy the ferret and accessories. You can earn money by doing things for other people, or saving from the chores you already do. If you cannot do this, then by doing the rest of the advice I have given you, you may be able to get one for your Birthday or Christmas.

Nov 20, 2012 I really want a ferret! ๐Ÿ˜€
by: Anonymous

I’ve been asking my parents for a ferret for a while now.. I’ve made a power point and i’ve asked A MILLION TIMES! But they just keep saying NO! My dad had one as a child.. But my mom. She is the one that doesn’t want one.. All i’m asking for is for another pet all I have is a dog and I have plenty of room for a ferret but they keep on saying no. I did A LOT of research of them. I found out a lot of thing about them but they don’t seem to care. Is there anything else I can do to change their minds? I will do anything for at least one! Please if you have any other ideas of what I should do to change their minds please help me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nov 04, 2012 HELP FERRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP my parents still will not let me get a ferret. I also have 2 cute names for them – if it’s boy then Sammy or Bear or Oreo. If it’s girl, then Cookie or Snowflake or Lulu.


Nov 03, 2012 Waiting Patiently
by: Firedragonflame

My want for a ferret has died down. Of course I still want one desperately, but I have tried everything I can think of. I have wanted a ferret for a long time. At first I wouldn’t let ferrets leave my parents minds but now I just mention them every once in a while to show I haven’t given up. I ask for a ferret on my birthday and Christmas and so far it hasn’t worked yet but I have a good feeling it will. My advice for people that want a ferret: don’t stop trying.


MY parents will not let me get a ferret.I cleaned my room, i wrote a book, i made a contracted(which my dad just laughed at), and im writing a book again. pretty soon i will be writing a essay which is 12-20 pages long.BUT MY PARENTS STILL WILL NOT LET ME!!!!!!!!!! AND i have been wanting one for a year and a half now PLEASE HELP ME

Nov 02, 2012 help me

my parents said i can’t have 1 because i have a fish that does nothing and a cute hamster that spins on his wheel all day. i made a book more than 10 ages and a poster but my parents still say no. my dad said we can talk about later. HELP ME CONVINCE MY PARENTS TO LET ME GET A FERRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 14, 2012 Me too..
by: Me

You guys too? I have wanted a ferret for a year or so now. It’s so hard to convince my parents because if I even say the word ferret, my dad gets mad and my mom just shakes her head…
I would make a slideshow or something, but they just get SO mad. Please help me.

Oct 01, 2012 i fell your pain too!
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, I have wanted a ferret since I was 3 and I am 9 now.

Here is what I have done —

1st I have made a speech about why we should get a ferret on Microsoft word.

2nd I have made a slideshow with pics of ferrets (I have not shown my mom them yet though).

I hope you try these and maybe tell me if it works. If not, I wish you luck in your journey into trying to get a ferret.

Sep 18, 2012 well, here’s what to do…
by: animals<3

I’m 13 too, I want 2 gerbils. My dad has a strict rule: NO PETS! Guess what? I have a cat and 3 fish ๐Ÿ™‚

What I did to get my cat was I made a contract: I will look after him and buy everything and if i don’t, you can give him to the animal shelter. My mum bought him for me.

Now, i want gerbils. At the moment, I’m working on a book, not only why I deserve them but what I will do, what it will cost and if I don’t do that, I won’t get them.

The best way to get pets out of perent(s) with a ‘no pets rule’? Don’t scream and shout! That gets them more irrated. Ask them why and have a back-up solution to their reason. Be grown up about it, do your chores, clean your room and do your homework. Then, when they’re in a GOOD mood, give them the booklet or make their bed and put it on top. Keep bringing it up but not to the point they get really pee’d off. They can’t say no forever…

Aug 22, 2012 Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I wrote a PowerPoint but it didn’t work that much so I got my mom to take me to Petco so she could see how good I am with them. Then I make a sad face when I leave so now I’m on a contract to get it and if I break the contract when I get it, I have to give it to the Humane Society.

The things on my contract is make my bed, do my homework, get good grades, take care of it when I get it and I’m going to pay for it. Hope this helps.

Aug 17, 2012 Don’t beg
by: Anonymous

If your mom and dad say no they mean it, but you shouldn’t show them power points because that just makes them annoyed and they won’t get you anything. Keep this in mind. I do want a ferret, but I am waiting for Christmas so you can have a reason. Just don’t beg it won’t work. I do have two dogs and they probably won’t get along, but I’ll see. Good Luck!!

Aug 10, 2012 Sorry it’s so long
by: Anonymous

I have wanted a ferret now for about a year and my parents refuse to let me get one because we’re currently watching my sister’s dog while she’s working somewhere else.

I’ve had a hamster so my parents know I’m very responsible and I get good grades, too. I also help take care of our cat and have a pet-sitting business. Whenever I bring it up with my mom she says that we shouldn’t talk about it, that it’s not a good time to have this conversation. I’m too scared to bring it up with my dad because what he says goes.

All you guys who are like “omg i have three dogs, two hamsters, a parakeet, a pony, four gerbils, and two rabbits but I want a ferret soooo bad cuz they’re cute” need to shut up because the only pet my parents will let me get is a hamster or MAYBE a gerbil, and it took me a while to convince them for that!

Currently we have a cat and a fish, my sister’s dog and my sister’s hamster but I’d really like my own pet. I’ve researched them for about as long as I’ve wanted one (a year) and I know how awesome and friendly they are because my sister used to have two. My mom’s so against them because my sister’s smelled and apparently “a ferret just wouldn’t fit in with our family”. I’ve tried talking to her and taking her to Pet Supplies Plus to show her how nice they are so maybe she’d fall in love with one, but it hasn’t worked. I think a slideshow might make her mad.

I’m currently typing a letter filled with info so I can email it to her. I have enough money to buy one or maybe two and the food. As for the cage, litter boxes, shampoo, nail clippers, ear cleaner, toys and etc., we already have those because my sister had ferrets. I might ask about getting a fancy rat, but I’d really rather have a ferret. Help please?

Aug 09, 2012 really?!?!
by: Anonymous

my dad barely let me get a gerbil after my dwarf hampster died and it was super hard to get him to even let me get the dwarf hampster!

I stil have the gerbil but he doesn’t like me at all! He runs away when I walk up to his cage! But I really, really, really want a ferret.

I’ve done an 8 page research page, I’ve done 1 power point and I’m working on the second one … I’ve got the pictures but I don’t know what to say. The 1st one was really just supposed to be cute but I want the 2nd one to be serious. I need help!!! Ideas? I’m going to start on a letter full of convicing stuff and how much work I’m willing to put into it.

Jul 28, 2012 Helllpppp!
by: Anonymous

I don’t know what to do! My dad is stubborn and won’t let me get a ferret. He gets mad at every mention of the word ferret! I can’t stand it! I’ve tried everything! My mom doesn’t care if I get one, she just thinks the ferret will ruin her couches. I know everything there is to know about owning a ferret, I’ve researched everything about them for 2 weeks now… I’m 14 and I get straight A’s. I’m extremely responsible and I know I can handle one, but my dad won’t even tolerate my pleas anymore. I even started a pet-sitting business to pay for the ferret, but he just ignores it. I even heard my parents talking in secret about how I will never get one…. I’m out of ideas and stuck in a rut. What should I do?

Jul 21, 2012 i feel your pain
by: goferrets

I WISH WE ALL HAD FERRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 14, 2012 FERRET!!!!
by: Ferretlover

I really want a ferret but my parents won’t let me! I have a dog but I want a ferret too! I tried to convince my sister to want one but she just doesn’t want one. What I did to try to convince my parents: Made a PowerPoint. Made a card. Tried bribing them. Made a list of why there good pets. Now I’m going to make a song about how much I want one.

Jun 13, 2012 countinuation
by: ferretsareepic!!

But you are right – ferrets are difficult to take care of and you need to be able to care fot them and be responsible.

Jun 09, 2012 UHG!
by: Amanda

Okay, so I’m Amanda and my dad is so annoying! Every time I try to ask for a ferret he gets mad and says we aren’t having a ferret in the house. I’m 14 years old and I’ve had SO many pets. Three guinea pigs, three geckos, four bunnies, 5 hermit crabs, currently 4 dogs and a hamster, and yeah! I don’t like my hamster anymore because she bites! I want a ferret sooooo bad. I’ve already saved up 100 dollars and I’ve researched anything and everything for the past three days! I know all about them. But unlike some of you, if I made a PowerPoint or wrote an essay, my parents would be even more mad. My dad says no, but I’m too scared to ask my mom. I brought it up once, but she replied with something off topic, ignoring the fact that I asked. I think maybe if I go to petco with them and ask to hold one there then they might fall in love with it and give in. Just maybe….:/

May 29, 2012 reply to you need to know
by: ferretsareepic!!!

We know that’s why do you think we are on here

May 22, 2012 You need to know…
by: Anonymous

For ALL of you who want a ferret, you need to know they are a HUGE commitment.

You HAVE to baby-proof the house because I had a boyfriend with one and he let it run around the house without watching it and then he couldn’t find it. Then when he was moving a few months later he found it stuck under the couch, but it was a skeleton… =O I broke up with him because he didn’t love it enough to watch it. Also, anywhere their head can fit, their body will follow.

They require a lot of attention and if you’re not willing to give it, don’t get one. The yearly average you’ll spend on ferret items is $300 and probably more than that if you already have pets or get more than one ferret.

Tell your parents that if you start to slack on caring for the pets or your grades drop, then they can ground you or get rid of your pets. And make sure you do your research and show your parents that ferrets do get along with dogs. If anything, a dog will hurt the ferret because they play too rough.

And for the sake of the ferret, don’t get one because you want one. Get it because your willing to give it a loving, forever home and make sure you can care for its every need!

Apr 21, 2012 me 2!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

oh my gosh I’m 12 and I’m the same way but I have 2 dogs, a bird, 7 fish, and a turtle!!! But I really want a ferret!

Apr 11, 2012 Convince them!
by: Shari

Bring the conversation up slowly. Let’s just say you said this. “Wow, pets are really popular today. I heard that ferrets are the third most popular pet in America!” Bring it up like that, and when you think the time is right, ask them. Sadly, they will most likely say no.

Now it’s time to get to work! Clean your room and KEEP it clean. Do chores without hesitating or saying, “Oh, Moooom!” Earn money. The ferret and all its costs can raise up to $200 – $700. Create a PowerPoint why you think you should own a ferret. Write a persuasive essay. Have conversations with your parents about ferrets so it is always in the back of their head.

Wait until it is your birthday or close to Christmas. Have a conversation with your parents. Show them the essay and PowerPoint. If they still say no, simply say, “I’ll give you some time to decide,” and walk away. Sooner or later, they’ll HAVE to agree. I’ve been doing this stuff lately, and I heard my parents talking about adding a ferret to the family.

Apr 09, 2012 My mom won’t let me get a ferret
by: Julia

I beg my mom to let me get a ferret, but she says the stink and the smell is going to spread around the house. I also have a dog and she says the ferret will get out of the cage and hurt her. I tell her that I can pay half of the money, but she keeps saying no :(. Any ideas?

Apr 07, 2012 I NEED help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I really want a ferret but my mom said no because they stink. Her roommate in college had one and didn’t take good care of them so they stank, and she thinks that even if you take good care of them they will stink. I know they stink but you can eliminate them a little bit. My dad said that he doesn’t care and actually likes them. My dad said that when we get a new house we can get any pet we want, and I want two ferrets. We have a dog that is kinda boring because all it does is eats and sleeps.

I have researched for countless hours and know almost everything about them. I love them soooooooooooo much. We have been to the pet store and my mom wouldn’t even go near the cage. I asked my mom to think about it and she would. She probably won’t say yes. I need help to convince my mom that I will take care of it and I will play with it. I have tried to show her all the things that get the smell down like Goodbye Odor for ferrets and she’s doesn’t think it will work.

I am responsible and have good grades and promised that I will take care of them. I need help to convince my mom to let me buy a ferret. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 13, 2012 I know what you mean
by: Shadow

Hi guys, I’ve read everyone’s comments and I feel your pain.

I’ve always wanted a ferret ! I asked my mom and she said it was up to my dad . I asked him and he said no . I told him I would pay for it and take good care of it and clean their cage and bathe them. I am a 3.0 student, I get good grades; I am a clean freak and clean every second I get but I do have my days where I don’t clean cuz I wanna have fun. I cleaned my house inside and out he still said no.

I have two hedgehogs and care for them amazingly. He was impressed but he still said no. I asked him why and he said we have too many animals . We have a bird, two dogs, two cats,two hedgehogs and my sister has two rats but that doesn’t count cuz she’s about to move out and get married and the bird is hers so that’s going with her too.

I told him that and he said no. I have no other plans on what to do ! I need help cuz I really want one. I did everything for the hedgehogs and I got them and I’m doing the same for the ferret and the answer is no.

Please write me at Yepyiaoo AT yahoo DOT com

P.S. I also thought of pet sitting but I don’t think the owners would let me borrow their ferret for a week. :'(

Jan 11, 2012 same

I have the same problem! My mom and dad will not give me a ferret! My mom does not like them and my dad does like ferrets!! My mom might get me one though :)!!

My mom and dad promised me when my dwarf hamster goes to the rainbow bridge they will get me any kind of pet! I had to get a dwarf hamster because they are recomended for first time pet owners! So all you need to do is convince them!

That is how I caught the dog breed me and my dad wanted when my mom does not like them (a basset hound). Now she LOVES them!

If you wait one day you will get a ferret by that way ๐Ÿ™‚

Jan 07, 2012 I want one
by: Firedragonflame

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy want a ferret but my mom won’t get me one. I keep trying but nothing works — pleeease help me I will do anything.

Dec 11, 2011 Yeaa
by: thereadyset

OK, so yeah I tried what some of you guys said, and I took my dad to the pet store. He had ferrets before and I think he’s really thinking about it because he said “I don’t want to hold it”.

So the ferret decides to climb onto my dad’s back and it was the sweetest thing I ever saw! He started to talk to it in a small voice and started talkin baby talk to it, it was SO cute! She was a sable female and she was a rare cinamon color! She was beautiful!

Thanks guys for the help (although I think he’s gunna keep his ground). But still thanks and I wish all u guys luck on getting your parents to get you a ferret.

Best of wishes Thereadyset! Bye guys!

Dec 10, 2011 I REALLY want a ferret!
by: thereadyset

Hey guys, I have done everything i possibly can to ask my dad for a ferret! He always says no, I have gotten all of the books out of my library at school and I feel like I have read everything ever written about ferrets! I even wrote a 39 page book all about FERRETS!

I need help guys! I don’t know what to do! I’ve tried everything…… Help me guys! I’ve run out of ideas and I’m totally stuck. If you guys have any creative ideas, PLEASE give them to me so I can try to use them on my VERY STUBBORN FATHER! thanx guys <3

Nov 07, 2011 I need help too!
by: Mima

Hi there!
I’m 13 and 14 in 2 months and I’ve been obsessed with ferrets since I was about 8. My mum says yes now but my dad is VERY hard to convince (it’s not just about pets, it’s about everything!!). I am very commited to things and they both know that so if you have any ideas that will work to win them over pleeeease comment! ps. I’ve tried all of the usual letters and powerpoints and stuff so any really creative ideas will help loads!
Thanks xx

Nov 01, 2011 I feel the first 2 peoples pain
by: Rika chan likes cookies

Yea it sucks D: I fell in love (not like gf bf but like awwww it’s so cuuuute :D) with a ferret at the local pet store by my mom’s house and I decided I’m gonna save up for it.

So far uh I don’t have anything but I’m saving every single cent I get (meaning no more buying nail polish for a while), I told my grandma and grandpa about the cute little guy but they think they’re rats :/ so I did A LOT of research to prove them wrong and other reasons.

I’m gonna tell my dad when I’ve saved up 600 dollars (I’m guessing I’ll have that much in 2-3 years) but knowing him he would say no if i didn’t save up money so he will most likely be seeing if I’ve saved up and the only thing I’ve been asking about at school in books (he sees what books I check out) he will probably know I really want the ferret (I nicknamed it Minority like the Greenday song) and maybe will give in.

Oct 11, 2011 Same situation:(
by: Emma

Hi, I’m Emma. I am 12 but I turn 13 in just a couple weeks. I recently fell in love with ferrets but my mom says no (haven’t asked my dad yet). She won’t give me a reason! All she says is that as long as I am under their roof, the answer is no. I really hope I can convince them, since they said the same thing about my dog, and my sister’s dog (and the cat who now belongs to the family thanks to me). I don’t want to lie. I need to find something that they just CAN’T say no to! I might try the paper idea, and the book idea. I will let you know my progress.
-Ems, the hopeful ferret girl

Aug 03, 2011 mhhmm
by: Anonymous

If you have a older brother or sister and have them take you to the pet store, buy one…come home and say you got him half off cuz he was the last one and they were going to get younger ones in. OR say one of your friend moved and they couldn’t take him with them.

Sooo you’ll end up stuck with it….and most likely since you already have it..they’ll let you keep him.(I’m 15 and I’ve wanted one for like ever,..sooo me and my older brother bought him at a pet store!) I pulled this trick and they were mad at first and said I need to get rid of him…but they ended up falling in love with him.(Monster’s his name) – Best ferret EVER!

Jun 27, 2011 Ferrets
by: Claire

Hi Emily,
I sent you an email when I first got your comment and put some stuff in it that could help you to get a ferret, but I don’t know if you received it or not. If you want another email just say. It’s nice to know that theres someone out there that is in the same situation as me! If you want to email me my address is clairemillerxx_AT_hotmailDOTcoDOTuk
Good luck in getting a ferret,

Apr 27, 2011 I Feel your Pain
by: Anonymous

Hello Claire,

I’m almost 14 and I have been trying to convince my parents to let me get a ferret for the past year. I have a 17 year old dog, I’ve had a couple fish and some hermit crabs. My parents think that I am responsible enough to get one, but they don’t want one.

They don’t want because they smell bad. I asked them if me, my brother, or my sister smelled bad would they throw us out? They answered yes. I’m not getting anywhere, but at least I have something to work at.

The trick is to know the reason why they won’t get you one. Try showing them how much you really want, for example my friend got the book, “Ferrets for Dummies” and read it cover to cover. Her parents where so impressed by her interest in ferrets that they got her one.

I think I’ll try that next. I have taken my parents to the pet store to look at them, that made them not want one even more for some reason.

I think I’m trying too hard. If you have any ideas that might work to convince them to get one, or manage to get one, email me at

emilydangelmaier AT comcast DOT net

Jan 13, 2011 Ferret ownership
by: Anonymous

Hi Claire – I can imagine your frustration but perhaps your parents are right.

If you have two gerbils, there’s a very good chance that your ferret could get into their cage and kill them. That would be tragic ๐Ÿ™

A suggestion … is there a ferret shelter near to where you live? I’ve just started collating the shelters pages so it’s not 100% just yet but take a look …

Ferret Shelters in the UK

I was thinking that if your parents would be prepared to go to the shelter with you and handle the ferrets, they might change their minds. Ferrets can melt people’s hearts ๐Ÿ˜€ BUT, some people can’t stand the slinky look of the ferret so they might not be charmed by one. I don’t know.

But if they could go and see and smell and hear from someone else, they just might change their mind.

I hope they do and wish you all the best in your endeavours. However if they don’t – you can think about getting your ferret when you’re an adult and perhaps living in your own place so be patient!

Everything happens for the best … or so I was told by my mother. Not sure I agree with her but it helps when things don’t go my way!

Good luck and if you do get your ferret, please join us on the forum and tell us all about your new friend, OK?

35 thoughts on “Parents won’t let me get a ferret!”

  1. I want a ferret soooooooooo bad i feel like i could die if i don’t get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i am 10 years old and soooo badly want a ferret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a hermit crab that just sits in its shell and does nothing but sit and drink and eat. that has been my only pet i have ever had!!!! i think its tome for an upgrade but my mom thinks i am fine with a faimly dog and cat and my hermit crabs!!! my brother and sister had a guinea pig i even tried asking for that but the anser was still no no and no. i was very lucky to even get a hermit crab. SO FRUSTRATED!!!

  3. my mom says that she mite let me get a ferret when my sister is out of college. she is 15 so it won’t be to long

  4. That’s great news!
    Well hang in there and do lots of research about ferrets just to make sure you really know what they’re like as pets! All their good points as well as all their bad points so that you’re prepared when it’s time!!

  5. Just be patient and before you know it, you’ll be old enough to get your ferret, if you still want to have one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Nona. [: I haven’t wrote to you in a long time. i am going to camp tomorrow and getting back on friday.

  7. Hi Chloe
    Lovely to hear from you ๐Ÿ˜€
    AJ is growing like a weed and is a gorgeous little guy (as any grandma would say – LOL!) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you had a good time at your camp!
    We’re stuck in winter here and it’s cold and wet. My bones don’t like cold but I am happy that there’s a lot of rain as we had several dry years in the past so need to get all our reservoirs filled up.

  8. I am getting a 3d pen today!!!! It is made by creopop. you should look at it. it is awesome!! how is your grandchild? [:

  9. Your pen sounds great! Hope you have many happy hours writing with it ๐Ÿ™‚
    AJ is going great, thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ We’re treating the kids and little kids to dim sum tomorrow so it’ll be fun to see everyone and have a fun time together!
    Hope all is well at your end and that you have a lovely 4th of July!

  10. We are going to a baby shower then after that we will go to a friends house for fourth of july. he even does his fire works! it is amazing! what are your plans?

  11. So glad you’re going to have a fun day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚
    We don’t celebrate the 4th of July in Oz as a country but all the Americans living here will be doing specially things on the day I’m sure.
    Actually I used to celebrate July 4 as it was my parents’ wedding anniversary so although they aren’t with me any more, I still celebrate with them in my heart!

  12. oh.I forgot you don’t celebrate the fourth. Oops. [: how old is AJ now? I bet he is getting big!

  13. He’s almost 4 months old now, Chloe, and yes, he’s a big boy and growing by the week! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. sorry I have not responded for sooooooooo long.]: life is so busy. how can you even keep up with this website! that must be a lot of work! I bet AJ ‘s birthday is coming up.[:

  15. Hi Chloe!
    How are you going? Still enjoying your summer vacation?
    Hahahaha, time is going past too fast for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ AJ was born in March so still has a few more months to go until he turns one, but thanks for remembering him ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying the last week of summer!
    Our Spring starts on Sept 1 – I can hardly wait as it’s been quite a wet winter, which is great for the lawns but yukky for getting around ๐Ÿ˜›
    Take care!

  16. are your summers cold??? are summers are hot and are winters are cold. sorry, I keep thinking you are in my country.[: how are you ferrets doing? we started school a week ago. ugh!! I am so stressed and lonely.]: we are home schooled and my brothers and sister are way older than me. that is why I want a pet so much.

  17. No, Chloe – we have very hot summers. Sometimes we could have a week of 100F+ temperature, which is a bit too much ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Our winters aren’t super cold – no snow – but our houses are built for the warmth so even though we have reverse cycle air conditioning, it can get pretty cold in the house during the winter months.
    My two girls, Mojo and Kimiko, lost their fight with their illnesses and I had to take them to the vet for their final visits :'(
    I was devastated and really thought it was a sign that I should stop being a ferret parent but my wonderful husband didn’t want to see me walking around looking so glum so he spoke to a good friend in our ferret society and brought home two beautifully boofy boys which had been handed in to ferret rescue!! The previous owner had a marriage breakup and when she had to go back and live with her parents, they wouldn’t allow her to bring her ferrets with her. Sadly her loss was my incredible gain!
    I call them my little wolverines! LOL! ? and although I still miss my girls, these two helped to fill the ferret-shaped holes in my heart ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Oh. I am so sorry for the lose of your two ferrets. What are you going to name them? We live in Iowa so are winter is pretty cold.

  19. Thank you!
    I called them Misha and Grisha as they are nearly identical twins so I keep calling them by the wrong name ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I wanted the names to sound similar so that if I made a mistake and called one of them the wrong name, they wouldn’t get confused! ?

  20. [: that is pretty smart! ha! So sorry I have not been able to be on here for a LONG time. How is Misha and Grisha???

  21. Good to hear from you, Chloe ๐Ÿ˜€
    All fine at this end of the world ๐Ÿ™‚ The weather is slowly getting warmer, thank goodness, and my boys are shedding quite a bit of their fur as they all do before summer! I’ve had to make their collars smaller as they kept falling off their skinny necks! LOL!
    Hope all is well with you! Are you getting excited about Halloween?

  22. yea. (: it is just starting to get cold. ): Do you celebrate halloween? We just do trick or treat with are 8 year old cousins.

  23. I can’t really get back to you that fast because of school.): but I will try to get back to you as fast as I can.

  24. My husband used to go out with our kids when they were young to trick or treat while I stayed home to give visiting kids some candy but now all my kids have little kids of their own so we don’t do Halloween at our house ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Your place is getting cold while our place is SLOWLY getting warmer! So much nicer to have warm weather for my bones! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Please don’t worry, Chloe. Lovely to hear from you when you can pop on but I totally understand you must be busy with school work and other things.
    I’m in hospital at the moment – had an operation on my knee and was supposed to go home yesterday but since the wound is oozing, I have to stay in.
    I always bring my soft toy ferret (called Monty) to put behind my neck when I lie in bed so everyone here knows me as the “Ferret Lady” as I tend to come here once a year ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I enjoy seeing familiar faces but miss being at home and playing with Mischa and Grisha, and Zac ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Zac is our puppy dawg ๐Ÿ˜€
    I had my operation on Oct 24 and was supposed to go home on the 27th but the wound wouldn’t stop oozing so I had to stay in until it dried. Only got out yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    So good to be home again!

  27. how is DJ doing? One of my friends let me hamster set her hamster while they went to Norway. (: I was so excited! When I got mom really liked it and started asking me the if you had a hamster would you let so and so hamster set it. But then are dog started going nuts and would not leave the hamster alone. Are dog was bugging mom so much that she is thinking of asking my friends mom if we could drop it off at another friends house until they got back. Everything is ruined and now am questioning if mom will ever let me get a guinea pig or ferret. ): If it not for are dog I would have gotten a hamster. Do you know any ways to get my dog to calm down? nothing seems to work.

  28. Hi there Chloe
    AJ is great and growing by the day! He’s such a cutie <3 Thanks for asking ๐Ÿ™‚
    It's a real shame that your dog reacted to the hamster like it did ๐Ÿ™ I think that it might be a good idea not to get a small animal in case your dog kills it!
    Perhaps you should just wait until you leave home to get a small pet?
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  29. Hi Nona,
    I guess you are right. ): I still really want one and it is sad to think that I wont be able to have one until I am older. I hope you have a great Christmas!

  30. Hi Chloe, I really want a ferret too. I have no pets, only the family dogs and cats. I wish I could get one. This was helpful. Thanks

  31. Same,
    I am 13 years old and I want a ferret so BAD but my parents won’t let me. I have a guinea pig and so does my sister and take care of them both I have more than the responsibility to take care of a ferret. I want a ferret as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) but my parents will not let me I have more than enough time and money. I want this so bad please help me! Any tips?

    P.S I have done extensive research and I would not bring any animals into my care if I couldn’t take care of them. bye guys xx

  32. Hi Ferret Lover
    I’m sorry that your folks aren’t keen to have a ferret in the house. Perhaps they’ve read that ferrets are vicious, or that they smell and will make their house smell. I don’t know but I’m sure they have their reason ?
    I’m sure you’ve read the comments on this page by other kids; take a look at the comments on this page, as they might give you some ideas on how to approach your parents …

    I’ve added some comments on that page too so perhaps they will also help you to get ideas on what to say to your folks.
    If they are adamant that you can’t have one, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until you leave home and get your own place!
    I hope you get your ferret – as they really are the most gorgeous little creatures on earth – but, unfortunately, they can also get sick and that would mean vet bills ?
    Good luck!?

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